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The Hottest Emily Ratajkowski's 2016 Moments

Hot Selfie, Fashion Shooting and Policy

The Hottest Emily Ratajkowski's 2016 Moments Hot Selfie, Fashion Shooting and Policy


Yesterday, December 8, the LOVE Magazine's Advent Calendar revealed its eighth model, Emily Ratajkowski. Obviously, it was one of the most anticipated video from the magazine's calendar, as the videos with Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner. The long wait was rewarded with a video in which Emily Ratajkowski shows her well-known underboob, dancing on the Salt-N-Pepa's track named “Push It”. Anyway, before December 8, what has the most loved by men model-actress done? 

Let's check it with the Emily Ratajkowski's 5 hottest moments of 2016.

#1 Hot selfie

In March, the model made the web crazy, posing in topless with another Instagram's queen, Kim Kardashian. The two celebs posted a selfie in which they were naked in a bathroom, with caption “When we’re like…we both have nothing to wear LOL”.

#2 Jacquie Aiche

The same March, Emily Ratajkowski has been the testimonial for the jewellery brand Jacquie Aiche's for the SS16 campaign. The images, shot by Naj Jamati, show the model’s topless, in acted she was dressed only with brand's accessories and a white pants for men.

#3 Harper's Bazaar

In July Harper's Bazaar published an exclusive interview with Emily Ratajkowski, in which the model talks about herself to journalist Naomi Wolf. The article included also a shooting in which the model posed naked on a white horse. And the web, obviously, went crazy.

#4 Jonathan Leder

Some weeks ago, the photographer Jonathan Leder and the Imperial Publishing presented a collection of never-before-seen pictures, in which Emily Ratajkowski was very sexy. The images (about 70) are dated 2012, before the video “Blurred Lines” made the her so popular. 

#5 Anti-Trump

The model, a supporter of the candidate Bernie Sanders initially, after the Donal Trump’s victory, posted a topless selfie with caption “My body, My Choice” on her Instagram Stories, to sensitive people about women’s rights, a theme so much remiss by Trump