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The 5 best Easter Movies

give me five

The 5 best Easter Movies give me five

Easter Day. Eggs and rabbits. Adorable and fluffy animals come to life on the big screen.

This year enjoy our best bunny movies.

#1 Donnie Darko

A schizophrenic boy, a giant rabbit, the end of the world are interwoven, between esotericism and science fiction.

#2 Space Jam

The Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan together against a group of aliens in a long game of basketball. Actors in the flesh are mixed with cartoons. To return children it's recommended to continue with the vision of "Rodger Rabbit" and "Alice in Wonderland".

#3 Gummo

There are kids who kill cats, prostitutes, perverts and child-rabbit. Directed by Harmony Korine with Chloe Sevigny, both protagonists of the cult "Kids".

#4 Night of the Lepus

The inhabitants of a small town in Arizona must fight against the invasion of rabbits murderers, become gigantic and carnivores because of a genetic mutation.

#5 Rabbits

It's a series of eight short films written and directed by David Lynch in 2002. Three anthropomorphic rabbits, starring Naomi Watts, Laura Elena Harring and Scott Coffey locked in a room arguing with each other in a disjointed. Lynch revisits the codes of the TV sitcom, exploring alienation and interpersonal relationships. Some clips of the various episodes of Rabbits appear in the "Inland Empire".