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Katy Perry's Half Time Show


Katy Perry's Half Time Show #SuperBowl2015

The Super Bowl, the best American moment.

The sporting event of the year in the United States, all watching the football. This time the teams to compete in the field were the Seahawks against the Patriots, but we know that you do not care anything about the sport fact itself, but wait until the half time. Nor was the inauguration of the Olympics, the five rings were missing and we were not very far apart.

13 minutes of "redefinition of the concept of kitsch", as defined by The Guardian. Katy Perry came in riding a lion, a dress with naked latex signed Jeremy Scott. The most imaginative have compared to the  Bam Bam Bigelow wrestler’s uniform or onesie Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory, but we have understood, Jeremy, do not worry.

It is precisely when the pop music meets the fashion comes out burst of four changes of clothes. That was the year of Jeremy Scott we had no doubt, after the triumphant debut with Moschino, signed the outfits for the sporting event of the year.

A sudden change of setting and we are projected into a futuristic chessboard, time of the choreography of Dark Horse and we find him: Lenny Kravitz. We try to stem the hormonal storm and suddenly we remember what is music. For very little, in a blink of find in a beach cartoon with sharks and palms dancing. Katy with dress like umbrella is really delicious, her Californian girl’s soul explodes. We remain mesmerized by the choreography of the dancers but then comes her: Missy Elliott. Respect. Work with it and lose control declares them musical supremacy, 10 years have passed and still seems vanguard. So you do the rap. Jeremy Scott has also prepared the hip hop outfit, an oversized jacket worthy of the best crew.

Missy goes away, and to us a little 'sorry. The grand finale is near, Katy flies like a comet in a silver dress dotted with stars.

And the wicked who say "Katy Perry live is a disappointment," perhaps should rethink  words. At least this time.



Ps. In the end Patriots won the Super Bowl;)