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Is your life photoshopped?

we want a perfect world

Is your life photoshopped? we want a perfect world

The Pirelli Calendar’s photos are out and we have yet to recover.

The human perfection can reach unexpected peak, but are we sure that the question is always so clear?

A few weeks ago Beyonce  did kick up a fuss: a picture photoshopped with a wasp waist that even the ladies of the '700. Queen B has fallen into the trap and we discovered.

Too easy to condemn an act when you are not on the pedestal of celebrity, but we do a reversal of roles. We decide to spy on you in the most intimate narcissistic Instagram photoshooting. Hands up who has not tried to beautify hands?

A silent desert.

Filters, lighting change and shadows improved. A challenge to the last wrinkle and so on, and so forth. Now drop down and magnified all the reality of celebrities, where everything is amplified. We are sure that now you will be more understanding, their defect is noticed by millions of people, your maximum will talk about the neighbor.

This is not to justify the transmission of an ideal of beauty is not real, but easy to remove the respectability that surrounds us.

Photoshop is seriously undermining the credibility of our bodies?

Probably, it creates a parallel world in which we improve our desires. It makes us see what we want to see. Buttocks antigravity, neonatal skin. Not that everything is correct, ethically speaking. The most rational drives us to accept those structural improvements, correct lights, shadows, stains. 

Then you have to be good to use some tricks, if not falling fiction and one is left with absolutely nothing and too much derision.

Given the fact that perfection was given a chosen few, and we are not all Emrata’s sisters, settle filters of Instagram: Do not cheat. To make a fool of us are already thinking of the "big" like Madonna, who loves the brush in Photoshop.

We leave you with a gallery that will make you reflect..real faces?