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The 5 best Halloween series inspiration

Give me five

The 5 best Halloween series inspiration Give me five

Let the freaks come out. Halloween is here. 

Leave at home your usual clothes and put on those who keep hidden under the bed, away from prying eyes. 

It 's the day, or rather night, to reveal to the world your nature or transform into your favorite hero. 

Ban Marvel and company, for those there is carnival, why not be inspired by the heroes of the new millennium, the stars of the TV series? Whether you're a fan of  disturbing Inspector Derrick, orphans of Lost or possessed of Breaking Bad, it does not matter. 

Turn on the TV and emptied the closet. 

Do not worry: here are our best 5 series for inspiration. 

#1. AMERICAN HORROR STORY. E' il progetto tv per amanti della paura.

From the first season to the last, now aired in the States, there are so many characters to imitate. Bring maid's outfit and become Moira O'Hara, put a scarlet robe on lingerie if you feel sister Jude. If you were living in a different witches girls of The Coven will inspire you, if you feel outcast protagonists Freak Show will return a family. 


The cult series of the 90's is coming back. If you have blonde hair to turn into Laura all you need is purple lipstick and a lot of cellophane. If you are brunette wear a schoolgirl uniform and here comes Audrey Horne. 


The jumpsuit is one of the essential pieces of the season. The most common is the khaki, but you just dye it orange or white to be part of two of the serials of the year. The first color is perfect for those who feel caged in the life of every day.  If you are people of few words, white of annoying "Survivor Guilt" cult is your choice. 


Walter White. Every male wants to be him for a day, ditching the respectability and create his own rules. On the net to find any gadget you need, including candy-methamphetamine. 


The cocaine addicted surgeon John Thackery is easy to replicate. Needed: mustache, white shirt, bloody hands.