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Apple and Facebook pay for fertility - Frozen eggs

Apple and Facebook pay for fertility - Frozen eggs

We left you last week with a feminist input

This time we complete with a NBC’s new in recent days: Apple and Facebook pay their employees to freeze their eggs to delay the pregnancy. 

After the initial shock we try to rationalize the issue, thinking that the natural evolution of gender equality will probably lead to a flattening of difference, perhaps even biological ones. 

The positives jump out, women eager to tackle a climb-level hierarchical business can afford to take more time without being plagued by the scan of the biological clock. 

It should be added that the grants for the project comes to $ 20,000 each, a lot of money for a single one.

On a wider view these projects can get to manipulate the lives and biological timing, it would be easier to finance policies to protect the pregnancy? Allow women to make a career does not mean putting aside their femininity, but make sure that you express without too many problems. 

We expect perhaps a future of elderly parents, but in career? 

Beyond the ethical dissertations in the United States the trend is becoming overbearing, last year the technique of egg freezing has doubled the number of followers. organizes even party theme of frozen eggs, where you can begin the process of freezing. 

What is the future that awaits us as we can guess.