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Welcome to the Grand Budapest Hotel

Introducing the new Wes Anderson's tidbit

Welcome to the Grand Budapest Hotel Introducing the new Wes Anderson's tidbit

The year was 1994, and Wesley Wales Anderson appeared with Wilson brothers at the Sundance Film Festival with his short film debut: Bottle Rocket. Almost twenty years passed, but Wes has continued to keep our noses sticked to the screen, making us fall in love not only with his tales and their protagonists, but also with the scenes that, like an external narrator, have told us the incredible adventures of Captain Zissou, the adventures of the Whitman brothers, the plots of the Tenenbaum family or the romantic getaway of Suzy and Sam in Moonrise Kingdom.

The sad irony of Wes won us over and fascinated us, his characters have become the alter ego of the child in each of us; his flat narrative method, almost daily but always unexpected, the music and the color palette stunned and lulled us into that bittersweet bubble we can not do without now. But, lucky us, Wes didn't remain with folded hands: we will meet Lobby Boy and all the "new" Anderson's crew at Grand Budapest Hotel, released on March 7.

The chatter around the new movie has already begun and to kill time we have seen the trailer at least a dozen times, finding some details that have not done anything but feed our unhealthy curiosity. Have you noticed the huge presence of mustaches on men's faces? Everyone has a pair, except for Harvey Keitel (which doesn't need facial hair to look like a tough); even young Tony Revolori paints them to better immerse himself in the role of apprentice concièrge. Another gem impossible not to notice: Saoirse Ronan's birthmark on her right cheek, in the shape of Mexico, not to mention the ultra octogenarian - for the sake of fiction, of course - Tilda Swinton , charming even under all those layers of "old age makeup". Last but not least, the choice of image format (4.3), ploy that surely will facilitate our entry at the Grand Hotel Budapest.