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The birth of a new spatialism: the trend of 3D billboards

From Balenciaga to the metaverse: how traditional advertising plays with reality and virtuality

The birth of a new spatialism: the trend of 3D billboards From Balenciaga to the metaverse: how traditional advertising plays with reality and virtuality

The billboard was born as a poster displayed in public places to show or make known products or services. During the pandemic, a wave of silence and isolation swept across the world and billboards lost their vital role. With the return to physical life, billboards had to change completely their approach with users. For this reason, digital OOH (out of home) giant 3D billboards have increased, in some cases with high-impact scenographic effects. As we can see with the latest digital OOH advertisement by Balenciaga in collaboration with Fortnite, which has applied new 3D technologies, reaching an extraordinary result but which is only the beginning of a new engaging communication system with spectacular effects. We began to have an interaction with the passer-by, giving voice to a sector that seemed lost. 
With 3D LEDs and new technologies, a new dimension has been given to space, catching people's attention, becoming real spectators and protagonists of the communication.

In Asia, this digitization has entered the commercial streets of cities for a long time. In Tokyo, for example, a 3D blow-up of a cat and a lion was developed to attract attention to the building that held the sign, in New York with the waterfall and a 3D whaleThis new communication system has also arrived in Italy, with the first 3D billboards in Rome and Milan designed by Zon Productions for the campaign created for Urban Vision. Fashion brands are also improving their commercials as we can see with Marcelo Burlon, who created a 3D LED advertising billboard for the publication of the new book or Prada with their latest campaign for Prada Linea Rossa photographed by Hugo Compte with the idea of going beyond the limit, not only physical but literary and symbolic. This type of technology has also been used for shop windows of brands such as Zara or Louis Vuitton which have incorporated 3D technology in their physical stores attracting the attention of many passersby. This new technology has the ability to generate an immersive and surprising experience, giving another idea of space.

This technological revolution is nothing more than the fusion of two worlds, the real world with the virtual one, creating a force called "metaverse". This process that we see carried out today had already been anticipated by the artistic world, which had projected itself into these new dimensions. For example, with the publication of Fontana's Manifesto Blanco which initiates the spatial movement, where art must go beyond the limitations of the canvas. It is the feeling that people are experiencing now; the human being is trying to go beyond the limits of real life to enter this new dimension of life. It connects space and time, colors and people. In other words, the human being is crossing the limit to enter a new world, the same limit that for the spatialists was the canvas.

The spatialists were experiencing a period of complete transition, art had to go beyond and didn’t have to limit to the canvas. A three-dimensionality was created, an art that was connected with the needs of the new spirit. Today we are part of that system, we find the new spirit with the fusion of the two worlds, a fusion that goes beyond the possibilities of man, and for this reason technology approaches it, bringing different facets that must be discovered at the moment, why not there is a spatial limit in the digital world. In other words, the digital world is immersing us in this new space that allows us to create infinite solutions to make us arouse with wonder, to amaze us.

Thus the advertising poster has changed its skin, or rather it has changed "paper" in an inevitable way, as today humans are ready to enter this new dimension and do so without fear and without anguish. For this reason, they are in search of that exceptional vision, of that space-time that in physics means the four-dimensionality of the universe. Entering this four-dimensionality, man will live new experiences with the help of technological devices, for example through our virtual glasses we will see personalized advertising billboards based on their values and needs. This uniqueness will be at the highest levels thanks to the fusion of the real and digital world, creating a metaverse made ad personam.