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Matrix made an interactive teaser

Looking forward to tomorrow's trailer

Matrix made an interactive teaser Looking forward to tomorrow's trailer

Eighteen after the third chapter, The Matrix will return in a few months with the fourth film of the saga, renamed for the occasion Resurrections. Despite the absence of Lilly Wachowski in the control room, the film seems to want to re-propose many of the themes of the saga, from the idea of free will to that of the metaverse.

Elements that are present in the teaser that anticipates the first trailer arriving tomorrow and in which, through a site created for the occasion, we can preview some frames of the film while the voice of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II takes us into the mood of the film through a short monologue. The most interesting aspect, however, is that of interactivity, capable of altering the viewer's experience based on some factors. From the choice of the pill, blue or red as in the old days, to the time you browse the site, What is the Matrix brings back the interactive entertainment already seen years ago on Netflix with the Black Mirror experiment, Bandersnatch. What at the time seemed like an idea capable of changing the way we live entertainment turned out to be just a moment of transition without a real following, recalling in many ways the phenomenon of 3D films that erupted after James Cameron's Avatar.

While waiting to see Neo and Trinity in action, it is still interesting to be able to re-appreciate an idea that is only apparently dead and reused in a version that is certainly more digestible than the one seen on Netflix in 2018. Matrix Resurrection will be released in theaters on December 22nd.