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5 things to know about Kanye West's third listening party

From Kim Kardashian's return to Kanye on fire

5 things to know about Kanye West's third listening party From Kim Kardashian's return to Kanye on fire

It's been over a month since the first listing party organized by Kanye West to present his tenth studio album, Donda. As you know by now, despite three events and a lot of hype, the record still seems to be a mirage, between reality and meme suspended in a continuous succession of rumors and statements of characters more or less close to Kanye. Beyond the music, however, there is the event, once again full of iconic moments that seem to continue to tell a story that began in Atlanta and continued in the new location in Chicago.

To better understand Donda's third listening party, nss magazine has listed 5 things to know about the event staged at Soldier Field in Chicago.

1. His childhood home

Third listening party also means third stage and after the austerity and minimalism of the two previous events, this time Kanye wanted to play at home. Literally. In addition to the choice of location, which went from the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta to the Soldier Field in Chicago, West chose to build a replica of his childhood home inside the stadium where he lived for most of his adolescence in the company of mother, Donda West of course. During the show the house was always at the center of the scene, becoming the meeting point for the guests present during the event and assuming a significant role in the metaphorical reading of the whole event.

2. Balenciaga is still there

Also this time to take care of the production of the event was Demna Gvasalia, creative director of Balenciaga, now a fixed presence in the appearances of Kanye West. In addition to having worked on the event, Gvasalia also dressed Kanye and Kim: the former sported a Balenciaga bomber and footwear, while KKW wore one of the looks seen during the brand's Haute Couture show. While rumors about a rapprochement between Ye and the LVMH group are racing, we can only look with curiosity at the now constant presence of Balenciaga in West's wardrobe.

3. Kim's return

As mentioned, Kim Kardashian made her appearance on stage during the final stages of the event. If previously Kanye West's ex-wife had only revealed herself in the public, this time she was the protagonist of one of the most important moments of the entire event, ideally reuniting with her ex-husband and feeding theories and hypotheses on a rapprochement between the two. Although someone had suggested otherwise, Kim's presence was also confirmed by the other Kardashians present at the event and ready to immortalize the iconic moment in full KimYe style.

4. The record and the absence of Jay-Z

If according to someone "three is the perfect number" there is no trace of Donda today. Despite the deafening silence on the streaming services, some clues would bode well for the now imminent arrival of the disc. Above all the Stem Player, the portable mixer finally on sale and accompanied by the tracks that will be part of the disc. During the party we also listened to Donda for the third time, seeing some changes that already make people discuss: outside Jay-Z, Kid Cudi and Pusha-T and inside DaBaby. We just have to wait.

5. Closing a circle and Marlyn Menson

Beyond the music, however, there is the event and its more metaphorical meaning. Many of those present compared this third listening party to a theatrical production both for the complexity of the staging and for the richness of meanings. Above all that of "protection", a concept visible in the bulletproof vests worn by Kanye and the rest of his crew, but also by the Balenciaga bear-repelling jacket seen in the second show. Precisely in this sense, the presence of DaBaby and Marlyn Manson, both at the center of accusations and controversies, could be a further confirmation of the theme chosen by West. In this third appointment, however, we have seen above all what could be a closing of the circle, which began with the first listing party and came to fruition in this third show, in which a Kanye on fire is then reunited with Kim Kardashian in a tale of fall and a rebirth that could bode well for Donda's release.