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Uan and Engine nostalgia for the 80s

Bim Bum Bam's mascot takes streetwear lessons

Uan and Engine nostalgia for the 80s Bim Bum Bam's mascot takes streetwear lessons

If there is a decade that has capitalized on any type of media in the last period, it is certainly the 1980s. From music to cinema, the pop references of that imitated historical moment invaded our lives, becoming the creative compass that guided productions such as Stranger Things and Wonder Woman 1984. If in our imagination the 80s evoke colored writings, shopping centers crowds and Sony Walkmans, in Italy excess and exaggeration dominated: in fashion they commanded paninari and on TV programs such as Back Tutto and Drive In seemed to be the television avant-garde.

However, even TV for the little ones was experiencing its golden age thanks to the birth of Bim Bum Bam, a hotbed of television talents such as Paolo Bonolis and Licia Colò, but above all of icons such as the puppet Uan. Born in 1983, the pink puppet voiced by Pietro Ubaldi and animated by Enrico Valenti has been part of the afternoons of thousands of boys and girls for almost twenty years, becoming a point of reference that has survived the passage of time. It will be for this reason that Engine has decided to move Uan in 2021 and make him the protagonist of his new campaign where, with the help of Renato Biancardi, he will learn about streetwear and the world of fashion: from the meaning of boxlogo to that of colorway without ever forget the Engine universe, the 100% organic Italian gin that has always been attentive to style and trends. This can be understood from the packaging, which unequivocally recalls cans for oil and petrol, but also from their ever-keen interest in the apparel world that has made the Engine brand something unique by building a world of values ​​around itself. The apparel returns to the fore with the Spring Summer 2021 collection made entirely of pure organic cotton and inspired by the world of racing, with a street and contemporary interpretation. Hoodies, jackets, racer pants and other items enriched by the red, blue and white of the Engine cans will be available from March.

If the return of the 80s has taught us anything, it is the immortality of time and trends, a cyclical nature that leaves only what really matters immortal. While Uan may sound unfamiliar to the world of Gen Z, the icon of Bim Bum Bam remains one of those immortal names that marked that defining decade for pop culture around the world.