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5 software to download for free during the quarantine

From Pantone Connect to the new streaming service Quibi

5 software to download for free during the quarantine From Pantone Connect to the new streaming service Quibi

While the entire globalized world lives its first shared experience, quarantine is testing the creativity of all the artists (or want-to-be-so) around the globe who suddenly found themselves locked in their homes. Following the 5 online courses about fashion and the 5 online courses for creatives to follow for free, nss magazine gives you some new tips to fulfil your days. Here are the 5 software to download for free


Pantone Connect

Pantone has given free access to its Pantone Connect app, a tool on Adobe Creative Cloud that allows the user to move through its vast catalogue of colours and palettes. Furthermore, it gives users the chance to convert RGB, Hex and CMYK values to the nearest palettes. It's an essential application for every designer and graphic designer out there. It lasts for three months. 

Download it at this link.


Final Cut Pro X & Logic Pro X

It's the first time that Apple offers a 90-day free trial of its most useful (and expensive) software: Final Cut Pro X is meant for video editing and its used by almost every editor in the world (from Academy Awards® winning films to video news), while Logic Pro X is made for music editing. The only con is that you need a Mac that's at least updated to macOS 10.14.6.

Download it at this link.


Adobe Photoshop & InDesign

To satisfy the needs of students worldwide, Adobe has enlightened the strict measures to prevent the hacking of its software. For all of them, from kindergarten to Grade 12, it offers Adobe Photoshop and InDesign (which actually are the most hacked software in the world). The free access (following a specific form) is granted until May 31, 2020.

If you're students, you can ask for free access at this link.


Netflix Party

For those who don't want to improve their creativity, Netflix is always the answer. From now on, you can even watch your favourite shows and films with your friends while you're comfortably lying in your bed: there's Netflix Party, an unofficial extension of Google Chrome that allows more users to synchronize on and watch the same video of their friends. There's even a chat to comment at the same time. The end is finally here: you'll never come out of that bed.

Download it at this link.



At last, for those who love their solitude, in the past few days, it was launched  Quibi, the new short-form video app explicitly meant for smart-phones and tablet. Despite the scepticism around its debut, it doesn't cost a thing. Literally: the free-trial has been extended from 2 weeks to 90 days. What are you waiting for? 

Download it at this link.