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Coronavirus: the first shared experience in a globalized world

Together we can

Coronavirus: the first shared experience in a globalized world Together we can

We live in a super-connected world, where everything is really just a click away.
We spend hours online, probably entire days. We use this time to get information, to read up and to learn, but at the same time, we’ve all become small media, in our little bubble we all influence and teach something. 
The Coronavirus outbreak, what has happened first in China and now in Italy, has to be a warning, a reminder to other European countries. Right now we’re in the middle of history, we’re going through a moment we will remember for the rest of our lives and that will become an integral part of the tales of an entire generation. It’s really the first shared experience of the globalized world, that, therefore, changes and distorts the daily life of everyone, without distinction of income, age or origin. 9/11 was probably the only event able to generate concrete media resonance on the daily life of people, Coronavirus though is an intangible enemy, it’s an invisible evil, an imaginary enemy. 

Sharing is an integral part of this collective experience, which for the first time offers a bridge between digital and non-digital reality as you can see in the videos of people singing on their balconies. 
It’s a way to feel closer but it can also turn out as a double-edged sword: fake news, voice messages on Whatsapp, misinterpreted numbers. We take advantage of the global connections that the digital era offers to share our experience so that other European Countries avoid our initial mistakes. Let’s not underestimate the problem, let’s invite and invite your readers - whether they’d be a lot or just a few - to stay safe at home. 
Being connected means sharing experiences that can be the guide, the light to follow in the darkest times, as the stars on our disputed flag. 

Today more than ever we’re all media, let's communicate in the right way. 

  1. Raise awareness in your readers on the need to stay safe at home. 
  2. Share news and initiatives that enrich the time spent at home. 
  3. Be a clear and strong reference point. 

Together we can.