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Style According to Jeff Goldblum

How to become a fashion icon at almost 70 years old

Style According to Jeff Goldblum How to become a fashion icon at almost 70 years old
In Saint Laurent

For a few days now, Disney+ has become available in Italy as well. While its launch was followed by some sceptical comments, among the brand-new original titles there is one that still has not caught the right amount of attention: The World According to Jeff Goldblum, the new docu-series by National Geographic starring the one and only Jeff Goldblum (Hollywood's coolest daddy) taking the world and following his passions. In the first episode, the long-time favourite American actor explores the industry of sneakers, visiting the Sneaker Con and adidas labs: he even gets a pair of customized sneakers by "The Shoe Surgeon" Dominic Ciambrone. 

The influence of Jeff Goldblum is still not clear in Italy. Moreover, many Italians still don't know who Jeff Goldblum actually is, despite his most "eclectic" outfit pictures broke the internet a few times. Jeff Goldblum is an actor born from the so-called New Hollywood: over the years, he has starred on a discrete bunch of films. Many might remember him as Doctor Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park (he reprised his role in the latest instalments of the saga, starring Chris Pratt). Indeed, he's a muse for many of the contemporary "pop" auteurs: Steven SpielbergDavid Cronenberg (The Fly) and Wes Anderson (The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissouGrand Budapest Hotel and Isle of Dogs). Some of his most famous titles include Annie Hall by Woody Allen, The Big Chill by Lawrence Kasdan and The Prince of Egypt by Dreamworks.

For a few years now, Jeff Goldblum has been living his “fashion moment”. Following a despicable start (his outfits from the 80s and 90s are outrageous), today his style has completely gone crazy: if you search “Jeff Goldblum style” on Google, the system is going to crash (just like it happens when you search for the Versace Jungle Dress worn by Jennifer Lopez). Because of some brave fashion choices, he is now a fashion icon as respectable as Kanye West (speaking of the devil, Goldblum recently bought a pair of Yeezy Boost V2 for all his family in an episode of Complex Sneaker Shopping).

In Saint Laurent

More than a daddy, Goldblum is almost a gran-daddy: born in 1952, he's running for his 70s. His style is flamboyant: it's a mix of patterns and bright colours, zebra pants and pop prints, all of that mixed without an apparent sense. He has plenty of rings (even pinky rings), he still wears low rise jeans and is very proud of his collection of glasses. Despite a little confusion, everything works on him: maybe it's because of his naive attitude, always pending between flirty and chilling, but Goldblum always manages - in one way or another - to not look ridicule even when he wears the riskiest items of fashion. It takes a lot of charisma to rock some Prada shirts at his age (and to challenge Pusha T to decide who wore it better). 

About himself, he says that he's a "bohemian" type. As for any star whose style is worth to notice (just think of A$AP Rocky), behind a style icon there's always the talent of a great stylist. In Goldblum's case, the stylist has the name of Andrew T. Vottero, which he met back in 2014 during a photoshoot for GQ. Since then, Goldblum revolutionized his closet (and thrown away all of his Converses). Among his favourite brands, now you can see: Calvin Klein, Saint Laurent, Acne Studios (he claims to have a pair of Acne jeans for every day of the week), but above all, there's always Prada. He's quite conscious about the importance of having a good sense of style: “I consider dressing myself up or presenting myself one way or another part of my creative path”, he told Vanity FairIt's impossible to disagree.

Jeff Goldblum is the opposite of everything we're used to seeing in fashion right now. In his outfits there's no trace of minimalism, neither of futuristic design: it's just a firework of creativity. It's really hard to keep up with his creative spirit: maybe we could say that he's like that one friend of your company who's always running around: the one who, when asked what he's doing, could answer “Sorry man, tonight I'm in Berlin, there's an event at Berghain, see you tomorrow when I come back?”, then disappears. He's not ashamed of anything; he doesn't like to waste time on his Instagram (he just can't take it seriously) and when he's got some free time he records a jazz album (true story). If you'd ask him why he likes the Prada shirts so much, he would answer just “because it's funny”. Jeff Goldblum is that kind of a guy who styles the Balenciaga Tracks precisely to work out (true story, too).

If there's a secret to be as cool as Jeff Goldblum, it may be to just don't care. And not do it with style. The secret to his appeal is just a pure nonchalance: that's what it makes him a gran-daddy who dresses like a clown but is never cringe. There's nothing left to do than to watch his new show on Disney+. To use his words: “Taste it, and enjoy!”