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5 things to do for the Milan weekend

From October 25 to 27

5 things to do for the Milan weekend From October 25 to 27

October is ready to leave us with a weekend full of events and party for those who want to spend the weekend in Milan. Sneaker enthusiasts will be able to discover some fun facts about the new Jordan 1 Shattered 3.0, Jumpman's historic colorway, while in the evening there will be a journey into the last 40 years of Italian music history and its link with 80s dance music.


In Milan there are various film festivals, this weekend the one dedicated to design is on stage. Through the cinematic language and the stories of architects and artists, the world of design and the relationship between design and man is explored. There will be also movies and meetings on the theme of the digital revolution in all its forms, bringing a variety of new points of view and projects..

All the Weekend
HERE all the info about location and tickets



The time has come for the release of the Nike Air Jordan "Shattered 3.0". The sneaker will be presented in the Special Sneakers Club on Viale Gian Galeazzo by the 2G3THER squad collective. Special guest, Alessandro Mamoli, face of the Sky Sport basketball, which will tell the behind-the-scenes of the moment when the Shattered born, in the Stefanel Trieste's court. DCJ Sneakers will participate with an installation and a selection of Jordan from the archives of the 2G3THER squad will be exposed.

Saturday 26 October
Special Sneaker Club
Viale Gian Galeazzo 31, Milan



The SUNNEI store, opened in 2015, is following the growth of the brand founded by Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo, reaching new meanings and forms. The brand's store expands with new carbon black spaces, in which women's accessories will be on display, in addition to the pure white and all-over blue that define the store.

Friday, October 25h
Via Vincenzo Vela 8, Milan
From 12 to 18


To Club - Reverso, Festival di archeologia musicale

In Santeria will go on stage the festival that tells the importance of Italian music for the birth of the 1980s dance music. Reverso Festival is a 40-year journey, enclosed in 16 hours of music. In addition to live shows, there will be parties and talks. Among the guests Alexander Robotnick, Bawrut, Fred Ventura, Italoconnection and Napoli Segreta

26-27 October
Viale Toscana 31, Milan
From Saturday 12:00 to Sunday 03:00
Free entry


To Drink - Rum and Whisky day


The Rum Day and The Whiskey Day returns to Milan, the event dedicated to two great distillates, bases for the most famous cocktails or to be enjoyed with cigars and chocolate.

Milan is the city of happy hour but it is not only important to drink, but to know how to drink, so in addition to tastings there will also be seminars with international guests to learn about the secrets of Rum and Whiskey.  


Sunday 27 October
MegaWatt Court

via Watt 15, Milan
Info here