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5 things to do in Milan this weekend

From 28 to 30 January

5 things to do in Milan this weekend From 28 to 30 January

The last days of January find a Milan besieged by frost and fog, but no less eager to escape after a week spent behind the desk. If some of the residents of the city take advantage of this last weekend for trips out of town and last days on the snow, those who will remain will not necessarily have less things to do, on the contrary. Even with the discos closed, Milan remains full of places to visit, dishes to experience and cocktails to drink. And it will be better not to miss even a precious minute of the weekend that is about to begin.

So here are the 5 things to do in Milan this weekend.

To Eat – Mitù

New opening in Porta Venezia, Mitù takes its name from a Colombian town that is located on the edge of the Amazon Forest. As you can imagine, on the menu signed by chefs Alvaro Clavijo and José Narbonne Rodriguez, respectively creative and executive chef, you will find gourmet Colombian food including Pan de Yuca, fish cooked in banana leaf, empanadas and fish pusandao, to name a few. The location is absolutely not to be missed, especially during the cold afternoons of January. 

Via Panfilo Castaldi, 28

To Drink – Veloce

In the city center, in the historic building of the Italian Touring Club, Veloce opened last December – a cocktail bar with a vintage atmosphere, dominated by books and vintage prints. The space has an incredible mood, full of art objects, comfortable armchairs but above all an intimate air and an absolutely delicious drink list.

Corso Italia, 10 

To Chill – Planetario Ulrico Hoepli

The Milan Planetarium, located inside the Giardini di Porta Venezia, is a place that the city's resident revelers and hedonists don't frequent enough. But on these cold days, the most romantic souls or eager to observe a unique spectacle could find themselves well in this historic building to attend shows dedicated to the exploration of the stars, planets and the moon. Remember, if you decide to visit it, book online in advance and buy tickets for the show you prefer.

Corso Venezia, 57

To Discover – Claude Monet @ Palazzo Reale

Now in its last weekend, this exhibition brings together the works of Claude Monet exhibited at the Musée Marmottan Monet. The walls of the Royal Palace will be decorated with 53 paintings by the great artist, including some of the famous Water Lilies, the Reflections on the Thames and The Roses, the artist's last work. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to get to know the world of Impressionism and Monet, as well as to see for yourself some of the masterpieces of the master French from which he himself never wanted to part.

Piazza Duomo, 1

To Shop – Paravicini Milano

Paravicini is a shop-workshop set in a courtyard of Via Nerino, in the Cinque Vie. The ceramists, Costanza, Benedetta and Margherita, create and decorate by hand services of dishes, vases and candlesticks from the first to the last phase. All products are decorated with imaginative, hand-painted images, which include patterns inspired by nature, circus, zodiac and vegetation but the best part is the Made to Measure service that allows customers to create entire dishes services on commission. 

Via Nerino, 8