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Who are the Extinction Rebellion ?

The radical non-violent climate change movement that has been taking over London

Who are the Extinction Rebellion ?  The radical non-violent climate change movement that has been taking over London

Throughout history there have existed many different forms of non-violent protests; written demonstrations, job strikes, internet & social networking, direct action, religious demonstrations and many others. However in the end, all these can be classified into two groups: the sort of protest that may or may not request the attention of government officials and the sort that demands the attention of government officials. London’s climate change movement Extinction Rebellion is one that identifies with the latter. 
Launched in October 2018, this group of activists have become popular all around the world for their numerous radical, yet non-violent protests against the UK government.  

“The purpose of this rebellion is to use mass participation civil disobedience to put pressure on the UK Government to achieve the real emergency action needed to tackle the crisis. Social movements around the world have shown that nonviolent disruption can create the major changes we now need. This is an emergency,” reads their website

In April of this year, a group of 11 protestors from the group glued their near naked bodies to the glass windows of the House of Commons during a session of UK parliament to disrupt Brexit debates and demand attention for the Climate and Ecological crisis. They stood with words like “STOP WASTING TIME” , “SOS” , “ECO COLLAPSE” & “CLIMATE JUSTICE” painted across themselves for around 30 minutes. 

Soon after, later that month, the group staged a massive protest inside London’s Natural History Museum where 100 protesters played dead on the floors under the blue whale skeleton in the main hall to demonstrate the reality of the human race being on its way to a mass extinction. 

The group’s target not only involves the government, but also sends messages directed towards ecologically destructive industries including petrol &  fashion. Last season at the beginning of London Fashion Week they covered themselves in fake blood and protested outside the doors of LFW’s official venue. At the end of the week they then returned with a casket to stage a funeral in significance of their desire to put the fashion industry to rest as a result of it’s wasteful production of clothes.

Throughout the past year they have proven that they will go to all lengths of non-violent action to get their point across.  Only a few weeks ago, the group organized one of their most controversial protests, by using a fire engine, to spray 1,800 litres of fake blood on the British Treasury’s building to urge the government to “Stop Funding Climate Death”.  

These are just a few of the organisation’s clever tactics to demand the attention of the people in power.  The group has inspired thousands of civilians and youth around the city to get involved in nationwide peaceful protests and demonstrations. Of course, many times, their actions have lead to a number of arrests but they’ve been able to support their members with a worldwide crowdfunding of over £950,000 as people from all across the world join the cause by making donations throughout the past months. At present, the group is currently undergoing a month of non-violent protests not only in London, but all across the world including cities like Rome, Amsterdam, NYC, Cape Town and many others. There are many who argue that the group's method of protest for change at times takes things too far, but as long as no one is being injured then why not be radical? The most revolutionary changes in history didn’t happen through doing nothing, and normal protests don't seem to be getting us anywhere.