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Someone has stolen the Supreme Spain store sign

Like for Supreme NY but in Ibiza

Someone has stolen the Supreme Spain store sign Like for Supreme NY but in Ibiza

The Supreme boxlogo is more than just a sign or t-shirt graphic, it's an icon that embodies a unique catchy aesthetic that has created a kind of fetishism among skater and streetwear enthusiasts. In some cases, the passion leads to real vandalism: this is what happened at Supreme Spain's store in the city of Evissa in Ibiza, where someone stole the store's boxlogo sign, with the classic Supreme black font on a yellow background.
The Ibiza store that we are talking about is not one of the 11 stores of the Supreme founded by James Jebbia in New York, instead it's the Supreme Spain's one. The brand was created in 2015 by IBF, the same company that has registered Supreme Italia and started a legal battle for the right and use of the boxlogo.

Ironically, the same thing happened at the Supreme NY store in London, where after a first failed attempt in September 2018, last January a guy managed to steal the sign store to then use it for a trap music video. 

supreme london batman

The issue of Supreme Italia and its tense relationship with Supreme NY made headlines on a global scale after the announcement of the collaboration between Samsung and Supreme Italia for the Chinese market, but this was just the tip of the iceberg. The case began between 2011 and 2012 in Puglia, where the distribution and online sale of items with the iconic Supreme boxlogo began. 
After a number of legal battles concerning the registration of the Supreme logo, in 2015 the brand moved to Spain, where the company Elechim sports SL registered the trademark Supreme Spain and won a few cases against Chapter 4, the firm who represents the Supreme brand founded in New York by James Jebbia. 
Right after the opening of physical stores with the Supreme box logo in Spain began, at the moment they're located in Barcelona, Formentera, Ibiza, Malaga, Palma de Maiorca and recently in the city center of Madrid. Today IBF inaugurated a global expansion plan which will lead to the opening of more than 70 stores all over the world, the next in Belgrade (Serbia), Minsk (Belarus) and Shanghai (China), where IBF is the only firm holding the Supreme brand trademark. 

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