Last week, the Supreme Italia-Samsung case gave global media attention to IBF (the company that controls Supreme Italia) and the Legit Fake saga that nss magazine hs covered from the beginning.
From China to Spain, the news about Supreme does not seem to stop, in fact Supreme Spain - the brand registered by IBF in Spain which also won a legal dispute with Supreme NY, the brand founded by James Jebbia - has opened a new store in the center of Madrid, on via Fuencarrall 47.

Supreme Spain just opened a store in Madrid Supreme Italia's twin brand has landed in the Spanish capital | Image 0

The store is very similar to those of the New York brand (there are only six in the world) complete with a sign outside with the iconic boxlogo in Futura font.
This is not the first Supreme Spain brand store in Spain: around six months ago, stores were opened in Barcelona, Formentera, Ibiza, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca. After the legal disputes of 2017 in Italy, IBF had decided to register the Supreme Spain brand in Spain, and start opening physical stores.
The expansion of the Supreme brands controlled by IBF will not be limited to Spain, last week in fact IBF announced in an official press release the opening of over 70 physical stores worldwide: the first will be in Belgrade, and two will be seven-storey flagship stores in China, in Shanghai and Beijing.

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Returning to the Madrid store, as local sources have told us, the sales are going well. Although the products differ as much from the originals as not to be exact replicas (both in terms of the font, slightly larger, both text and logo), there is no doubt that the products are extremely similar to those of Supreme New York.