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Barcelona courthouse absolves "Supreme Spain"

The legal fake battle between the brand founded by James Jebbia and Supreme Italia continues

Barcelona courthouse absolves Supreme Spain The legal fake battle between the brand founded by James Jebbia and Supreme Italia continues

From a little story in the streetwear world, closely connected to the legit fake phenomenon, the battle between Supreme and Supreme Italia - a brand owned by the International Brand Firm (IBF) - is quickly turning into an international affair, that could potentially have serious consequences on the legal future of the whole fashion system. After having moved from Italy to Spain - where Supreme Italia became Supreme Spain - this week IBF had another win in the legal battle with the New York brand, which accuses IBF of unfair competition and counterfeiting. As opposed to what happened in Italy, IBF in the last few months has been opening physical flagship Supreme Spain stores in Barcelona, Ibiza, Formentera, and Malaga. nss magazine sources have confirmed that Supreme Spain is reportedly planning to also open stores in Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Alicante, Cordoba, and Seville


The judgment of the Barcelona court 

With the decree N.277/18 released on October, 5th 2018, the courthouse of Barcelona - Juzgado de lo Mercantil n.2 - has fully rejected all the Chapter 4's requests (the American company that holds the Supreme trademark) against the Elechim Sports SL (owned by IBF), the company that has the right to use the Supreme Spain trademarks, and also owns other brands, including Supreme Italia

The Spanish judge has rejected the strongest charge against IBF - that of unfair competition - and has not granted any precautionary measure for Chapter 4, due to the lack of legal and procedural requirements, declaring that Supreme New York is not in the legal position to give any inhibitory orders to Supreme Spain. This judgement reinforces IBF's legitimacy position, confirmed in Italy with the Trani Courthouse rulings and the double rejection to the request of trademarking the Supreme brand presented by Chapter 4 to the Supreme brand in the EU


The Legit Fake phenomenon 

The unbelievable story of the success of Supreme is at the same time its Achille's heel, that has generated a series of unpredictable events. Many fans of the New York based brand have often criticized the manufacturers of T-shirts and sweaters similar to the Supreme ones, being unaware of one thing though: the trademark of the Supreme brand in Europe has always faced legal problems, as a consequence it can't extend its property right to its products. 

The low availability of its products has made acquiring very difficult, even for the most avid fans. Young consumers all over the world want items that bare the Supreme (with all its significance) writing and it does not really matter how or where they were bought, and above all, whether they are authentic or fake.