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Supreme Italia officially comments on the Samsung deal

IBF - the company behind the Supreme brands - confirms the collaboration with Samsung

Supreme Italia officially comments on the Samsung deal IBF - the company behind the Supreme brands - confirms the collaboration with Samsung

In the ongoing Supreme Italia saga, an overview of which you can read here, where the legally fake Supreme brand that started in a small town in Puglia, Italy, expanded to Spain opening several flagships, culminated earlier this week by capturing the worlds attention, when the multinational tech giant Samsung announced during the presentation of their new Galaxy A8s, that they were collaborating and going to distribute Supreme.
After the conference, Samsung's marketing manager specified via Weibo that it was not the New York streetwear brand founded by James Jebbia, but rather the Supreme Italia brand, a brand controlled by IBF (International Brand Firm) a London-based company that has registered various brands incorporating the word Supreme all over the world.

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The announcement of the collaboration has attracted wide criticism of Samsung from several fronts, as Supreme Italia was born as a legit fake products company, that then later became legitimized by registering its own brand and accumulating a series of favorable court rulings against Supreme NY in Europe.
The collaboration with Samsung would project the brand into a multinational perspective, but last night Samsung's official account published on Weibo - the most important Chinese social network - an official statement announcing that it was re-evaluating the idea of a collaboration.

There has been no official statement made by IBF until now (only exclusive confirmations collected by the editorial staff of nss magazine), but today the London-based company has released an official press release confirming the collaboration with Samsung, together with the announcement of the brands participation at the next fashion week in Shanghai and the opening of over 70 physical stores worldwide.

The press release was presented at the lastest conference by the South Korean technological giant for the presentation of the Galaxy A8 phone in China during which the forthcoming participation of Supreme at the fashion show at the Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center in Shanghai was confirmed for next year.

We hope that the opportunities presented today will be seen as concrete possibilities for the development and extension of the brand given the desire to continue on this path.


In the press release, IBF also underlines its legal position regarding the brands that it controls  (including Supreme Spain, Supreme, Supreme Italia, and other brands) and where they are located, positioned in over 70 countries worldwide that are under the umbrella of the WIPO, the World Intellectual Geneva property organization.

The history of Supreme Italia was born between 2011-2012 in Barletta, Puglia, to then exchange the Mediterranean shore for Spain, where the company Elechim sports SL registered the Supreme Spain brand in 2015, and today aims to expand into the Chinese and Asian markets. In China, IBF registered the brand through the WIPO which applies to the entire Asian market excluding Japan. 

In the press release, IBF wrote that the company has already filed 22 product designs and also announced the opening of over 70 physical stores in the next two years including two huge seven-storey flagship stores in Beijing and Shanghai as well as a massive presence on e-platforms via B2C commerce of the Alibaba Group and