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Fake Supreme stores are booming in Spain

The next episode of the Supreme Italia saga takes place in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Formentera

Fake Supreme stores are booming in Spain The next episode of the Supreme Italia saga takes place in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Formentera

In the ongoing saga that is the Supreme Italia story - the Supreme legit fake brand - we saw the case shift shores from Italy to Spain, where Supreme Spain, became established as a younger brother to Supreme Italia. In yet another twist to the tale, Supreme Spain has now filed at the Spanish patent office OEPM - Oficina Española de Patentes Y Marcas and trademarked under the WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization, where the New York Supreme brand is not, and Supreme Spain has now opened up shop, not only online, but as actual stores around Spain.

Supreme Spain store Ibiza


We can report that further physical Supreme Spain stores have now opened their doors in MadridBarcelona, Ibiza and on the island of Formentera, and will surely not be the last to do so, not only in Spain but the European courts rulings entailed that any trademark claims with respects to the Supreme branding would, in most cases, need to be ruled upon locally, opening up for a number of nations to copy the Supreme Spain model. Through research and inside sources nss is getting a deeper insight into the rather epic backstory that has paved the way for this case, and though we can’t say more now, there's a lot more to this story and we will, of course, tell it all in due time.

Supreme Spain store Barcelona


Returning to Spain, we’ve understood from local sources, that business is booming in the stores, and though the products differ just enough to not be complete replicas with a slightly bigger font and different text to logo space ratio, there is no doubt what these products are trying to duplicate the New York Supreme brand and selling them in such a manner.

Images from the Supreme Spain site


The quite unique success story of Supreme is at the same time the Achilles heel that caused these series of events to be able to unfold. A very clear yet easily duplicated logo, that is manufactured, in all honesty, on shirts and fabrics that don’t significantly differ in quality from any sort of “fake” manufacturing. Any honest Supreme owner will attest that the quality of its clothing is nothing extraordinary. An availability that even for its most avid fans means purchasing is extremely difficult, and a main demographic focus of quite young consumers, who more than anything just want a product that says Supreme and the accompanied cultural significance of owning it, compared to any qualms about how or where it came from or even whether it is real or not.

We can say with certainty that this case is far from over and stay locked to nss for the developments in that case and for much more on this story as it unfolds.