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Halloween costumes inspired by your favourite Tv shows

Using your binge-watcher knowledge

Halloween costumes inspired by your favourite Tv shows Using your binge-watcher knowledge

By now we know it. Even though every Friday we at nss magazine prepare for you the list of the best events and activities to do during the weekend in Milan with the Top 5 To-do's, we're absolutely sure that you end up spending every weekend lying on the couch binge-watching the latest Netflix show. So, at least for this Halloween, you could make an effort, listen to that friend always inviting you to parties and really try to dress up. And since you're so trained in this topic, why don't you dress up as one of your favourite Tv series characters? It doesn't have to be a horror series, Halloween isn't just scary anymore. 

Below our proposals, with also the degree of difficulty to make the costume. You can thank us later. 


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Open Google, search on eBay/Amazon and that's it, the costume arrives directly at your house, ready to be worn. 


La Casa de Papel

A red jumpsuit and a mask. Nothing easier. (eBay)


2 Broke Girls

You need a blonde/brunette friend or a couple of wigs. Optional: big boots. (eBay)


Orange Is The New Black

An orange or beige suit and Vans slip-ons. (eBay)


Scurbs / ER / Grey’s Anatomy

A simple nurse or surgeon uniform, perfect for the fans of any medical drama. (eBay)


Breaking Bad

For the fans that really can't get over the ending of their favourite show. (Amazon)


The Handmaid’s Tale

Not the sexy revisitation that totally betrays the spirit of the series and the books that inspired it. Behave like good maid. The real fashion alternative is the white hat recently seen on the Louis Vuitton catwalk. (Signor Costume)


Rick&Morty / Bojack Horseman

To dress up as one of these animated series you basically need just a mask. Don't forget that matched outfit though, T-shirt, jeans and shirt for the first, light blue sweater and blazer for the second. (Emp OnlineAmazon)


Marvel’s Luke Cage

The only item you really need is the balck Carhartt hoodie, always with the hood raised, often drilled with gun shots. (Carhartt WIP)


When life gives you lemons…

The costumes inspired by these Tv shows require a bigger effort: a visit to your favourite vintage store, a search in the closets of uncles, grandparents and the entire family, and a little imagination. The question "And who are you supposed to be?" is banned. 


Peaky Blinders

Essentials: waistcoat, shirt, baggy pants, combat boots, and above all, tweed caps. Optional: various fake weapons. 


The Crown

The crown is easy to find, for the outfit you can choose 50's big below the knee skirts and classy blouses. Otherwise you can pick a Princess dress to look like a Queen attending a state's dinner (in this case, jewelry plays a fundamental role). For the men, a credible sailor uniform is enough. Practice your hand for the royal greeting. 



Here we're giving you carte blanche. You can opt for bleached jeans and an 80s oversized bomber, or if you're feeling bold, high-cut bodysuits and boxing boots is what you're looking for. In case you can't survive low temperatures, the real pro tip is to dress up as Zoya The Destroyer, with the Russian hat and the soviet-style coat. (If you are a group of girlfriends the inspiration is infinite, since the cast is almost all female). 


Bonus Tracks


Stranger Things

Super mainstream, even too much, but if you need a last-minute and simple idea this could be a successful alternative. Pink dress, white socks, blond wig and Eggos. Otherwise, get on your bikes wearing jeans, 80s sweater (carrying a spiky bat). 


American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

If you are in possession of a closet filled with Versace clothes, the tip is to wear them, no matter where, why or how.