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Here's how much a celebrity Instagram post is worth

The highest paid can earn a billion dollars for a single post

Here's how much a celebrity Instagram post is worth  The highest paid can earn a billion dollars for a single post

Is Instagram the best friend of bloggers and celebrities?

Perhaps, it is certainly a means of considerably increasing their bank balance.

Trying to make money with the most beloved social in recent years is a kind of obsession, watching the continuous popping of tutorials that reveal presumed secrets that will make you rich by post, but who really succeeds in the miracle?

The Hopper HQ automated social media planner tells us that he has just unveiled the crazy numbers paid out for a post by Kylie Jenner & Co.

The minor Kardashian-Jenner clan is the celebrity that most earns for a single publication on Instagram, with a post that can be paid a million dollars. After her comes singer Selena Gomez ($ 800,000 USD) and Cristiano Ronaldo ($ 750,000 USD), while poor Kim has to settle for fourth place in the standings and $ 720,000 USD.

Michael Heller, CEO of digital marketing company Talent Resources (a company that has worked several times with America's most famous family) told US Weekly that some companies are willing to pay up to $ 500,000 to access millions of followers, Kim Kardashian, while the sisters Khloé and Kourtney can earn up to $ 250,000 per post.

Posts on social media now make up a significant part of Kardashian wealth, according to man, about 25% of their total income. Every product they support, from shakes for weight loss to fashion brands, they run out immediately, guaranteeing a sure return on the capital invested in them.

The secret to convince followers to purchase? The password is credibility, because, it seems, it works to be faithful to a certain "editorial line", choosing to sponsor only projects and products that please, that are part of the world of those who post them. So it makes perfect sense if Kim, Bella, Kendall or blogger lend their social space (obviously in addition to their personal projects) to beauty, fashion brands, resorts, luxury cars or, in the same way, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Lionel Messi and other sports spills face and captions for colossi sportswear with adidas and Nike, for luxury watches, suitcases, gyms, and charity.

They are all influencers, who, thanks to an ocean of people who follow them on the net, offer to those who hire them for a sponsorship a huge pool of potential buyers willing to believe them and to imitate them.

Their excessive power is destined to last? The market research firm Mediakix estimates that by 2019 only on Instagram the influencer marketing can break the target of 2.3 billion dollars, doubling in 24 months the billion dollars expected for this year.