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Liberato supports the Pompeii Pride

"...'o core nun può purtà pacienza"

Liberato supports the Pompeii Pride ...'o core nun può purtà pacienza

Around 5,000 participants are expected in Pompei on June 30th, a city that is ready to combat discrimination not only sexual but also racial, wants to move the campaign forward with a new and highly anticipated Pompeii Pride 2018.

The location that promotes this event since mid-June has captured the attention of many people, journalists, citizens, but also of Liberato. Today, the faceless Neapolitan singer has published an IG Story in support of the initiative, in connection to the video a swipe up that puts takes you directly to the spot of the Pompeii Pride 2018. "Remove the Frame", this is the fil rouge of these 3:47 minutes of video in which the protagonist (Ciro Cascina) in the role of a Rainbow Man, captures the attention of passersby near the Archaeological Park of Pompeii with his colorful, eccentric clothing, "strange and out of the ordinary". He paints the slogan Remove the Frame on canvas and shows it to the people. There are those who ignore him, those who see him with a look of indifference, but what matters is that there are those who stop and is ready with him to remove the frame.

Directed by Nello Petrucci, onto Vivaldi's song, this video, in its simplicity, is yet another gesture of peace by a campaign that is moving with the world and actively wants to participate in it.

Liberato supports this movement, using social media as a means of diffusion and joining the LGBT, homosexual and transsexual community once again (do you remember indeed the video of ME STAJE APPENNENN 'AMÒ?).

The singer of 9 MAGGIO thus reveals a new side of himself, the "romantic poet" reveals himself as a spokesperson of sincere love, true, without filters, made up of difficulty and conflict, but passionate, a love that is universal.

"...'o core nun può purtà pacienza"