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All you have to know about 'Dig Dug' video game

The Stranger Things 2's beloved game

All you have to know about 'Dig Dug' video game The Stranger Things 2's beloved game

Stranger Things is a series based on the careful reconstruction of a 80s mood that goes through every detail, from the choice of actors such as Winona Ryder and Sean Austin to outfits with jeans and mullets, from the 'Greemlins' and other films of the period to Macintosh computer, from the Clash to He-Man.

Many of these citations, included in the general context of the tale, are often read by fans as occult symbols, parallel microcosms that, after a bet, reveal clues, backsliding, or true spoilers about Eleven & co.

If in the first season the most important metaphorical portal is 'Dungeons & Dragons', pretty much the box version of ST where Will is the wizard in the Shadow Valley with Demogorgon, in the second chapter of the Netflix show it is the turn of 'Dig Dug' that gives the title to bet 5 and occupies the initial scene of the number 1.

To understand why, just know what is the Japanese video game released in the arcade version in 1982.

The protagonist is the product Namco Taizo Hori, a little man in blue and white dress able to dig tunnels through the earth who risks death every time it is caught, hit by a rock or burned by fire.

Its enemies are 'Pookas', red monsters like tomato with yellow glasses, and 'Fygars' green dragons with wings that can launch fire. Both move horizontally on the surface-level screen, but also vertically, digging tunnels in the subsoil. Taizo will triumph only if he can inflate each monster until it burst.

In a nutshell: the protagonist of 'Dig Dug' must eliminate dangerous underground monsters that can cross the land through tunnels.

Sound familiar?

Let’s try to think of what happens in Stranger Things 2.

The Upside Down monster is trying to invade our world and under the city of Hawkins tunnels inhabited by screws that poison the soil and crop are the refuge of 'Demo-dogs' fierce. Not enough? Our heroes, the protagonists of the series, those who try to eliminate these monsters, never like in these bets, dig: Will in his traumas, Eleven in her past, Agent Hopper to find out what’s going on in the city.

Got it?