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Hello Brooklyn #5 - Tangina Stone

From Canton to NY

Hello Brooklyn #5 - Tangina Stone From Canton to NY

Art has always been about taking risk and making sacrifice in order to achieve greatness, and most of the time, moving away from the comforts home to explore the big city could be the bridge to find yourself and grow as an artist.

Singer and songwriter Tangina Stone is nonetheless one of the best examples of this. Coming from Canton, Ohio, she moved to New York at the age of 18 years old with nothing, hoping to find her way into the music world in a city surrounded by art.

After a couple of years of hard work and many live shows around the city, in 2014 Tangina managed to release her independent debut EP called The Fall. Her songs are featured on TV One’s Hollywood Divas and on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

One of the particular things about Tangina Stone is definitely her remarkable way to fuse different kind of sounds, from soul to rock mixed with elements of r&b and pop, all genres that can be easily appreciated by any kind of audience.

Her latest single Wasn’t Love Cafe by Feel Up Records is currently available online.


#1 Who is Tangina Stone?

I'm an artist who creates art because I respect and love it. I admire those who do the same. My love for music and my belief in the impact it can have on the world is the reason why I do it. I want to change the world or at least be a part of the community that can help to change it. I want to do this by sharing my art, my passion and my love with everyone who's willing to hear it

#2 What is the main reason why you moved to NYC? Did you find what you were looking for? 

I moved here to find myself and to pursue my music. Along the way I became very lost for a while. But I have realized that this is a part of finding yourself. My music career means the world to me and I would not be where I am in my career now, if I had not moved to NYC. So yes, I have definitely found what I was looking for.   

#3 Tell us more about the song and the music video Suntan.

The song is extremely important to me. I wrote it about my fiance. She is my inspiration behind almost all of my happy love songs. With the video I wanted to sort of narrate the love story of others. Which is why I chose not to actually be in the video. I wanted to share the love.

#4 Is there a specific message in your music in general or every song has its own story?

Every song has its own story for sure.

#5 You seem to be a very passionate person. What else would you do if you weren’t a musician?

Youth is extremely important to me. Not enough of our youth know their importance and potential. I'd love to empower them, especially through music. So if I wasn't a full time singer, songwriter and performer, I think I would be teaching the youth how to be. I would be teaching them how to express themselves.

#6 What are your thoughts about nowadays music business, what’s good and what’s bad?

What's good is that there's actually good music being released right now. The bad is that the great music often fails to get enough recognition. Music that is less innovative gets radio play, while the music that is extremely innovative and in my opinion the best, gets less or no radio play and recognition. That can be discouraging for both the artist and the listener

#7 One of the best experiences you had in your life so far.

One of the best experiences I have had so far is the one that I am still experiencing. It is pursuing my music career in New York. I have learned and still am learning more than I could have ever learned, if I had decided to stay in Ohio.

#8 If you had the chance to perform in one country of your choice, which one would it be?

I want to perform in England. London preferably

#9 Year 2016, what are your expectations and goals?

My goals and expectations are to tour more, record more music, and to concentrate on making sure that as many people as possible are able to hear it. I want to step out of comfort zones and really attack every obstacle that arises without fear or doubt. I simply want to overcome, persevere and make my dream my reality.

Tangina will be playing live on Tuesday, January 26 at Happy Ending, 302 Broome Street, New York, NY, 10002.

For reservations, RSVP and all infos about her next shows, visit