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Cadenza Podcast 022 - Marcelo Rosselot

Cadenza Podcast 022 - Marcelo Rosselot

Marcelo Rosselot is a Chilean DJ and producer, and like many of Cadenza's other Latin American creators of music, he has a natural flair for exotic rhythms and an innate understanding of dance.

Along with Francisco Allendes, Rosselot was the first producer selected by Luciano to contribute to the Cadenza Lab label back in 2010 (following the Cadenza boss' debut EP on the imprint). The duo's 'Catrianca' EP featured warm rainforest sounds, hand-created percussion, beautiful vocals, and lush jazzy sounds.

Since then, Rosselot has put out releases on Kling Klong, Wir, Weave, Gastspiel, and Cadenza Lab once again, when he contributed one track together with Allendes for the 'Cadenza Lab Compilation Vol.1'. Rosselot and Allendes also run a Chile-based label called Andes Music, which has been putting out jungly tech house tracks since 2007.

Here on both his Source and Cycle mixes, Marcelo Rosselot demonstrates that at the heart of him is pure house and techno: both his mixes are clubby DJ sets.

His Cycle mix is a hypnotic carnival ride through new tracks from DJ Wild, Clio, Jin Choi, Gummihz, Jun Akimoto and AFFKT. The set also features three of his own co-productions. 

Rosselot's Source mix is a little deeper, and features some classic tracks including Argy's 'Love Dose', Martin Landsky's remix of Steve Bug's 'November Girl', and Guido Schneider's Mystery Mix of Glowing Glisses 'Gayo'.


All in, both mixes reek of the sun and nature.