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Travis Scott's two new videos confirm all his aesthetic talent

"JACKBOYS" and "Gang Gang" show once again how unique Cactus Jack is

Travis Scott's two new videos confirm all his aesthetic talent JACKBOYS and Gang Gang show once again how unique Cactus Jack is

It is now a fact that the American star system has generated a circuit of connections that make all the most hype things of the moment find a way to talk to each other, interface with each other to give life to real cultural clashes that serve both to drive Instagram crazy and to testify how black culture (and all that derives from it) has become the benchmark of pop culture.

Travis Scott, Elon Musk's Cybertruck Tesla and "Uncut Gems", the new film by Adam Sandler, for example, are - in different fields - three of the most talked about things of this end of the decade. All three found a way to coexist in the two new videos released by Travis Scott (and shot by White Trash Tyler, the same director of the Netflix documentary starring the same Cactus Jack). "Jackboys", the 8-minute short movie that takes its name from the title of Scott's project, opens with Travis Scott together with Julia Fox - a beautiful charachter of Sandler's movie that promises to grab several nominations for the next Oscars. In "Gang Gang", a track contained in the compilation released just a day before, appear Musk's Cybertruck - the real thing of the last few months - and a Cyberquad - which, incidentally, Travis Scott drives by carrying a flamethrower. In between, a sample of cars - including the 1988 customized BMW E30 M3 that will be auctioned shortly by Scott - and streetwear, as well as an unreleased Nike Dunk SB low that will probably be part of the next collaborations between Travis and the Swoosh.

Travis Scott's last two videos now seem to support a truth that is becoming increasingly popular: the aesthetic and visual talent of Cactus Jack has far surpassed his musical talent. Which does not mean that Travis is devoid of musical talent, but that the way he manages to communicate every single activity has made him one of the aesthetically most influential artists of the decade that is ending. His ability to interface with the world of streetwear, with that of high-fashion, with Kanye and the Kardashians or with Jonah Hill and Harmony Korine make Travis Scott unique in the universe of contemporary black culture.