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Travis Scott's Giza Pyramids concert was just confirmed

Although it is not clear when

Travis Scott's Giza Pyramids concert was just confirmed  Although it is not clear when

According to the latest update regarding Travis Scott's show at the Giza Pyramids on 28 July, the concert will take place. The rapper himself confirmed it via Twitter, stating: «Egypt at the pyramids will happen, but due to demand and detail logistics. They just need a bit a time to set lay on lands. I will keep u posted on a date which will be soon love you alllll.» A few days ago, the Egyptian Music Professions Syndicate - the one that authorises music events throughout the state - had cancelled the stage where the rapper was to give an exclusive debut of his new LP Utopia. According to the union, allowing Scott to perform in a venue symbolic for Egyptian culture would go against the values of the organisation itself, and was therefore unacceptable. While the cancellation of the concert was being debated online between the rapper's fans who hoped to attend one of the most anticipated shows of his tour, and those who defended the reasons put forward by the Egyptian Syndicate, Scott was spotted in the city of Pompeii with a filming crew. «RUMOR: Travis and GUCCI has been shooting something,» reads the caption of the video posted on Twitter. Just a few days earlier, news was announced of a new film directed by Harmony Korine starring Scott.

Today, against claims by Egyptian authorities that Scott's concerts were «not consistent with our authentic social values and traditions,» given the «strange rituals» that seem to take place during his tours - most recently, though not mentioned in the authorities' cancellation announcement, the tragic 2021 incident during the Astroworld festival - Scott's concert management company, Live Nation, denied the cancellation. «There have been no changes to Travis Scott's show in Egypt; any news to the contrary is false,» the company said in a statement. «We look forward to celebrating Utopia with you in Egypt!».