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Dress Like: "Closed on Sunday"

Kanye West's workwear in Wyoming

Dress Like: Closed on Sunday Kanye West's workwear in Wyoming

Never before has Kanye West found a new stylistic key in line with its musical path. If the launch of Jesus Is King had been accompanied by massive use of the Royal Blue, the visual imagery built by Ye in his two video clips recalls the idea of rural community evoked by the boundless landscapes of Wyoming. Ye has thus shifted her attention to warmer colors and closer to the ground, choosing different shades of brown and choosing a dirty white that seems to recall the snow that surrounds her new ranch.
Over the years, Yeezy's aesthetic has followed the mood and interests of its creator, often turning into a mirror of what was going through Kanye's mind. If in 2015 the brand's first Season had a strong appeal to the world of fashion, with extreme cuts and experiments, with the Season 6 Ye preferred to opt for a cozy style made of sweatpants with an oversized fit and soft hoodies. With the move from California to Wyoming, with all the symbolism and spirituality that Kanye explained to Zane Lowe, the style evolved and adapted. Goodbye Californian cement and welcome immense expanses of snow, the idea behind the new aesthetic of West seeks simplicity and comfort, with solutions that can combat the cold and recall the world of work and a simple America. 

Brands like Carhartt or Dickies, closer to the world of work than to the world of fashion, are just one of the many pieces of the mosaic that West began to compose months ago, when at the beginning of his path of faith, he combined a radical change of clothing that started “from the head". The simplicity of workwear is also found in Ye's head, with the end of that endless sequence of hair colors that the same rapper explained in his track On God, revealing that he “bleached his hair for every time he could've died”.
If in the video of Follow God we had Kanye and his father Ray as the main characters of this change, in the Closed on Sunday’s video Ye extends the concept to all his family, calling together cousins and friends. Hoodies, overalls and zipped hoodies all in Hamilton brown, the colour that takes its name from the Irish slaver Hamilton Brown who in the 19th century found his fortune with the production of sugar in the Parish of Saint Ann, one of the fourteen civil Parishes of Jamaica. In Jamaica, where Kanye held one of his Sunday Services, Brown also founded Hamilton Town, later renamed Brown's Town. A not random choice, which is linked to the message that closed Follow God and that is followed in the video of Closed on Sunday

Carhartt Bib Overall

The American brand is one of the most present in the video, starting from a series of overall worn by protagonists. The piece is a classic of workwear clothing, a new stylistic feature of Ye here in the already mentioned Hamilton Brown coloring. Carhartt has always been one of West's favourite brands using some iconic pieces as inspiration for his Yeezy Season collections. 

Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat

The transition from sunny California to cold Wyoming needs a proper clothing, just like the Carhartt beanies, recognizable thanks to the logo. This time the colors are of the most disparate, while remaining in the palette of brown Hamilton.

Dickies Plaid Lined Shirt Jacket

Last May Kanye was on the red carpet Met Gala with a full Dickies outfit from just under a hundred dollars. If West's choice was born from the desire to don’t overshadow his wife Kim's outfit made by Thierry Mugler, this did nothing but underline once again Ye's passion for the American brand. Continuing the line already traced by the other garments, this jacket takes up lines and shapes of the workwear, finding itself perfectly with the new imagination of Kanye. 

Cold Laundry Gilet

If you follow one of the numerous Instagram accounts dedicated to Kanye West's outfits you will not have been able to help but notice the puffer vest worn by Ye in more than one occasion. Viewed in different colors and versions, the jacket is part of the pieces that will make up the Season 7 by Yeezy, as well as much of the outfit by Kanye. In addition to the vest we also see one of the new hoodies, with the two buttons, one to close the hood and another to close the central pocket, and a pair of Yeezy Boots still unreleased. According to the latest rumors the next Season should arrive in February along with the launch of the next Yeezy Quantum, the sneakers that will mark the entry of West into the world of basketball and that will be accompanied by a launch on the fields of the NBA in a non-reflective version made specifically for the occasion. Waiting for the official launch, we have chosen a Cold Laundry puffer vest, the English brand particularly appreciated for its clean and elegant lines. 

Cold Laundry Brown Hoodie

Waiting for Kanye to drop his new hoodies, it's still Cold Laundry to offer us a great alternative. Loose fit and a Wyoming style color make this piece a must have for your most cozy outfits. The sweatpant completes it all, to make Kanye really proud. 


While Elon Musk presented his Cybertruck sourrounded by the perplexity of those present, Kanye sided with a fleet of Sherp Pro on the meadows of Wyoming. Described as a vehicle suitable for all the most complicated situations, the Sherp was born in 2015 thanks to the idea of the manufacturer Alexy Garagashayan. Believe it or not, this military vehicle can be easily purchased online. Cop or drop?