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Mambolosco is about to drop his first album

"Arte" will contain the hit song "Guarda come flexo"

Mambolosco is about to drop his first album Arte will contain the hit song Guarda come flexo

Save this date: September 13th 2019. This is the day chosen by Mambolosco for the release of his first album of original songs.

Entitled Arte, like the tattoo on his face, the project will collect thoughts, memories, stories of his life spent between Italy (where he was born) and the United States (where he grew up and often returns to visit his father's family). Catchy choruses and a strongly recognizable flow will tell the story of the last two years of the rapper: from the first videos published on YouTube as Mama I did It Again featuring Luscià to the collaborations with Yung Felix in Loco and with Boro Boro in Lento, up to the success of Guarda come flexo feat. Edo Fendy who got the platin record reaching the share of 26 million streams on Spotify, repeated by the follow-up Guarda come flexo 2, golden record with 22 million streams.

Working alongside Mambolosco in his album, as always, there is his crew Sugo Gang who supported him during the composition, the production, the recording and the graphic aspect of the album. Arte, produced Virgin Records (Universal Music Italia), will be a way to explore and fall in love with the music of Mambolosco, his unique style, that combines the American wave to the Italian trap, revisiting them in a personal way.