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Carl Brave told us what to expect from his summer tour

We talked about fashion, features, and Nameless Music Festival

Carl Brave told us what to expect from his summer tour We talked about fashion, features, and Nameless Music Festival

It was three summers ago when Carl Brave first made his entrance in our playlists. After the incredible success of Polaroid, created in collaboration with Franco 126 and his solo project Notti Brave, Carl is now ready to start the summer tour next June, which will see as first stop Nameless Music Festival, next June 7-9 in Barzio (LC). 
The March tour, which saw Carl perform in theatres all around Italy, gave us the image of a new artist, thanks also to new arrangements, which conveyed a different portrait of the nocturnal, melancholic and lighthearted Rome always recounted by the artist. 
The performance of next June 8 will mark the beginning of Carl's summer tour, which will take Carl on the road for 15 tour dates all around Italy. Brave will perform the second day of the festival along with names with the likes of Alison Wonderland, Noyz Narcos, Rkomi and Samuel Heron
We had the chance to catch up with Carl about his upcoming exhibition, for which he revealed to be feeling a bit nervous, "it will be like the first day of school, I'll just have to deal with the tension." 
Not only music but also his relationship with fashion, his floral shirts, and the Sanpietrini. 

# 1 Hi Carl, your tour will start from Nameless Music Festival, what does this date represent for you and what are the others you are looking forward to most?

I knew Nameless as a festival, even though I never had the opportunity to live it as a spectator, for me, it represents so much because it will open the summer tour so it will be important to take away anxiety. Other dates that I look forward to are the one in Milan, on June 27th and obviously Rock in Roma on July 13th, the date in my city. In general, I have a lot of curiosity about what will happen this summer.


# 2 Did you get used to so many collaborations, with which Italian and foreign artist would you perform?

I really like to collaborate, to unite in my world completely different ones. There are so many artists that I would like to produce or with whom we could do great things, in Italy among all Tiziano Ferro and Cesare Cremonini, while abroad I would choose Young Thug.


# 3 We are used to seeing you with a flowered shirt and round glasses, but what is your relationship with fashion? Is it something you've always kept?

I live fashion very lightly, without thinking about it too much, shirts help me to express what I am, but then my stylist puts the extra touch. Now I am collaborating with Etro and for me it is an honor, but I still live everything in a natural way. The clothes make the character and help to define also what you are artistical, the glasses in this sense mean a lot to me, I always wear a model made by a friend of mine with old snowboards.

# 4 What are the differences between the Roman music/rap scene compared to the Milanese one?

The main difference is the city, if you live in Rome you can't pretend to notice the yellow light of the Trastevere streetlights, as well as the beauty of the monuments. The melancholy of Rome greatly influences the artists and in Milan this is less evident.


# 5 Have you ever thought that being so Rome-centric would have pushed you away from a part of fans, especially at the beginning?

At first, I had no fans, so I never had this kind of problems, what mattered to me was just pulling out what I had inside, then people suddenly realized what I was referring to because we all live underneath same situations. Even in Milan, we meet in the square or in the bars, the cobblestones and the "Nasoni" are all over Italy, even if they are called differently, then everyone has made my own words, imagining his own world.