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Liberato is back with "Capri Rendez-Vous"

A short music film with a mash-up of the new songs

Liberato is back with Capri Rendez-Vous A short music film with a mash-up of the new songs

We have all waited for this date for a very long time - 9 MAGGIO,  the comeback of Liberato.
When we had lost all hopes, the Neapolitan artist posted a new video on YouTube: Capri Rendez-Vous.
It's not an ordinary music video, but a real short music film which contains an extract of the new songs by Liberato, which are already available in the full versions on Spotify.

Capri Rendez-Vous tells an impossible love story set in Capri, starring Carmine and Mariè. The storyline travels in four eras: it starts black and white in the 60s on the notes of GUAGLIÒ and OI MARÌ, in the discos of the 70s with NUNN'A VOGLIO 'NCUNTRÀ , to move to the 90s with TU ME FAJE ASCÌ PAZZ' and close in the present with the melancholic lyrics of NIENTE.

The short film is directed by Francesco Lettieri - photography by Gianluca Palma, costumes by Antonella Mignogna, set design by Marcella Mosca - the mastermind behind all Liberato's videos, and as in 9 MAGGIO Liberato never appears. The style of directing moves away from the videos, the attitude and street aesthetics are supersed for a direction and photography that pays homage to the Great Italian Cinema.
Only the last scene, the closing one, maintains a strong contemporary aesthetic that plays with references to Instagram and Martin Parr. The themes of Capri Rendez-Vous are the classics of Liberato's poetics: fame and the concept of time, twilight romanticism and the Neapolitan soul of the protagonists.

Liberato is officially back.