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The line-up of Ortigia Sound System Festival 2019

From July 24 to 28

The line-up of Ortigia Sound System Festival 2019  From July 24 to 28

Over the course of the years, Ortigia Sound System Festival has become one of the most appreciated and eclectic events of the European landscape. This year the festival returns from July 24 to 28 2019 in the usual dreamy scenario of Ortigia Island, the most ancient part of the city of Syracuse, with a line-up that begins in the past to look at the future. 

The concept at the heart of this year's edition is that sentimiento nuevo sung by Franco Battiato in the namesake track, love as an immortal but ever-changing element, #OSS19 aims at drawing attention to the relationship between technology and humanity through an event able to bring back to the centre of the attention human beings and their feelings, perfectly in harmony with the inevitable technologic progress.  

Now we can finally unveil the anticipated line-up of this year's edition, which will see as protagonist Giorgio Moroder, one of the musicians that more than anyone else was able to foresee the trends of electronic music, and keeps doing it at 79 years old, with a special DJ set entirely dedicated to #OSS19, Un’estate italiana

Discover here the other names of this incredible line-up. 





  • The undisputed pioneer of electronic and disco music. In 2019, at the age of 79 years old, he decides to undertake his first European tour, Celebration of the '80s. He's the mind behind one of disco music's biggest success, I feel love, sung by Donna Summer. Moroder was also the author of legendary soundtracks of movies with the likes of Flashdance, Top Gun, Scarface and American Gigolò.



  • The chillwave band coming from Denton (Texas) led by Alan Palomo has under its belt three studio albums, Psychic Chasms (2009), Era Extraña (2011) e VEGA INTL. Night School (2015).




  • Co-founder of the music label Hessle Audio in 2007 along with Pearson Sound e Pangaea, Ben UFO was able to reach a prominent role in the electronic world thanks to his abilities as DJ, exploring old and new sonorities between house, garage, grime and dubstep. 



  • The mind behind the label Hessle Studio along with Ben UFO e Pangae, David Kennedy is considered one of the most avant-garde artists of UK dancefloor music. After a series of EPs published starting from 2009, in 2015 he released his first album. 





  • British Kevin McAuley gave life to the first dubstep event of Leeds, Ruffage, and in 2009 he started becoming well-known as a DJ and producer with his label Hessle Studio. 




  • An eclectic project by British producer Felix Clary Weatherall: Ross from Friends starts from lo-fi to arrive at FlyLo sounds. 





  • A stand-out DIY collective of the Congolese alternative music scene, KOKOKO! can boast also a number of dancers and performers. The band has already collected a series of sold-out dates all over Europe in 2018. 





  • The soundtrack of the 2017 edition of the festival with the song Italove, Emmanuelle is ready to make the crowd dance again performing live with È tutto blu and her unique synthesis of more classic dance with the refined house and Italian disco. 






  • Italian-Berliner label with some of the best Italian producers from London, Shanghai, New York and Milan, Slow Motion Records brings the Italian dance music in every corner of the world, while still remaining true to its origins. 





  • Born in Italy but based in London, Elena Colombi became known in the London underground scene with a series of successful parties. Elena Colombi performs all over the world with her DJ sets able to gather the best from the past and the future, promoting unknown and obscure artists. 



  • Italian musician and producer Giampaolo Scapigliati took part in the 2016 Montréal Red Bull Music Academy and right now hosts a radio show on the web radio Rinse France. 



  • Chinese producer and DJ based in London, Object Blue made herself a name thanks to her live performances, experimental club music which blends with acid house and strong rhythms. 





  • Alessandro Adriani is the mind behind Mannequin Records, a label that since 2008 has been working for the spreading of obscure synth wave and industrial sounds. 



  • Artist and designer, he explores through his paintings gestures and abstract handwriting. His artistic work focuses on interiority, starting from the need to talk to himself. 



  • The creative duo based in Berlin, they operate in the interactive visual arts by modelling new worlds through the use of software and the creation of others. 



  • One of the mos eclectic and original artists of the independent Italian scene for his modern soul/R&B, Andrea Venerus is the author of a music proposal where Italian language and electronic sounds meet in harmony. 

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