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Liberato announces concert in Rome


Liberato announces concert in Rome ROMA LIBERATA

His last appearance dates back to July at the Viva Festival, since then we have not had any news of Liberato.
The mysterious Neapolitan artist is back in the game, announcing on his social profiles a new concert to be held on 22 June in Rome. The location is still secret but tickets are already available online for 20 euros.

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After the free gigs in Naples and Milan last spring, the only major city that had not yet been liberated was Rome.
The expectations are already very high and Liberato has not disappointed in his last year's live shows, with emerging names such as opening act (including the Nu Guinea) and techno variations on his songs.
Musicwise everything is still silent, but we are ready to bet that the author of NOVE MAGGIO will drop at least a piece before the Roman concert.
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