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LIBERATO's new single for the "Ultras" soundtrack

It's called "O CORE NUN TENE PADRONE" and is dedicated to the passion for soccer

LIBERATO's new single for the Ultras soundtrack It's called O CORE NUN TENE PADRONE and is dedicated to the passion for soccer

LIBERATO returns with a new single on the day of the debut on Netflix of ULTRAS - the first film by Francesco Lettieri that tells the story of an ultras Neapolitan group, the "Apache", composed of three different generations of fans. The song, as he announced, is part of the film's soundtrack, which is entirely composed by LIBERATO. “O CORE NUN TENE PADRONE” It is made in collaboration with 3D (Robert Del Naja's moniker) already present in "We come from Napoli", another song on the soundtrack. 

The narrative of "O CORE NUN TENE PADRONE" - released in an "Apache Mix" that hints at the existence of another mix - is completely centered on LIBERATO's passion for football and for Napoli. Since the first single, in fact, the references to the football universe have never been lacking: from thanks to Mertens, Insigne and Callejon in "TU TE SCURDAT AND ME" to the sampling of the choir "Un giorno all'improvviso" in "GAIOLA", passing through the poignant dedication to the team made in "INTOSTREET", exit a short distance from the now famous trip to Florence that eliminated Napoli from the race to the Scudetto. 

"O CORE NUN TEN PADRONE" is the final expression of LIBERATO's love for the team, which creates a direct emotional parallel with Francesco Lettieri's film. Musically, the song comes close to "WE COME FROM NAPOLI", with those trip-hop rhythms of which Massive Attack - the 3D group and Daddy G - are among the leading exponents. In the text there are several references to the football tradition: "tenimme 'na solo passion",  “coerenza e mentalità”, “a maglia surat’”  are all characteristic elements of the rhetoric of the fans, which LIBERATO has always revisited and repeated, more or less explicitly, throughout his musical career. 

One curiosity: at the minute 2.15 LIBERATO says "nenne nuje stamm' still cca", direct Neapolitan translation of "we are still here", a part of the famous Neapolitan stadium choir "Un giorno all'improvviso", which LIBERATO has included in his songs.

LIBERATO will be performing in Milan on April 25th and 26th, at the Assago Forum.