Last Saturday in Turin at Club To Club festival, the legendary Aphex Twin came to town and quite frankly obliterated the rammed Lingotto fair hall with a barrage of light and sound together with a laser show so massive it could be seen from neighboring planets.

 Aphex Twin just took over Club To Club’s Instagram Together with his visual collaborator Weirdcore | Image 0
An integral part of the Aphex show is the live visuals created by his collaborator Weirdcore, always on the cutting edge, Weirdcore has had a few themes that have been employed over the run of the last years' shows. First off a live face mapping of people in the crowd, who get the iconic Richard D James face superimposed on their own, and then the more gimmicky yet crowd-pleasing antics of taking local celebs and politicians and morphing them on the array of a dozen or so huge LCD screens to much delight of the raving masses in front. Personally having seen this on 5 different occasions and 3 continents it is always great to see the reaction of the crowd. Turin was no exception and the multitude of characters invoked cheers or boo respectively. As with so much in the Aphex Twin show, many images passed too quickly and to give everyone a second chance Aphex Twin and Weirdcore have just taken the Club To Club Instagram for a special take over, we don’t know how long it will last so recommend heading over sooner rather than later to check it out.

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