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Club To Club's avant-pop returns with a digital edition

From November 5 the unprecedented project C0C kicks off

Club To Club's avant-pop returns with a digital edition  From November 5 the unprecedented project C0C kicks off

It was supposed to be the year of great celebrations, those dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of Club To Club, the avant-pop festival that has become a unique reference point in Italy and Europe, thanks to a proposal of the highest artistic quality which represents all the best proposals of the contemporary scene. 

After the success of last year's edition, with more than 30 thousand visitors, the twentieth anniversary of Club To Club will be celebrated in 2021, while from November 5 the new C0C project kicks off, always in the name of cultural independence and in search of the balance between avant-garde and new pop. 

C0C is a zero edition in a zero year. We are going through an intense present, where every day the programming is done by looking at the exponential graphs in the newspapers. In dystopian times we wanted to rely on the sense of Utopia: although 2020 will go down in history as the year of limitations, but at a curatorial level we wanted to raise the level of experimentation as much as possible. We did it by giving total centrality to the local and national scene, a great stimulus for us and a huge opportunity that we could not miss, these are the words by Guido Savini, artistic director of Club to Club, exclusively for nss magazine. 

The C0C project was conceived to be the most adaptable to the current health situation. C0C's avant-pop will therefore be the protagonist in Turin and Piedmont starting from November 5, in synergy with ContemporaryArt Turin+Piedmont, in the week dedicated to contemporary art. A national artistic program of international scope, which will include special shows and site-specific performances, premiered in the absence of the public and live on, public sound installations, talks and conversations, visual shows. The program is confirmed in the presence of the public at the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation with the site-specific video installation We Call It Avant — Pop and at Porta Palazzo with the site-specific installation Suoni d’Artista; the premiered shows and performances at OGR — Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Teatro Carignano and Fondazione Accorsi — Ometto will be available in live streaming on, as well as the C0C Talks program of conversations also at the Accorsi — Ometto Foundation. 

Among the artists who will take part in this digital project, the names of Lorenzo Senni and Caterina Barbieri, the SPIME.IM collective, Mana, the Italian collective Artetetra, and many others stand out. The complete program of the event is available here