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Stone Island presents Milano Club To Club avant-première night

A preview of "La Luce al Buio - Season 2"

Stone Island presents Milano Club To Club avant-première night A preview of La Luce al Buio - Season 2

The countdown to Club To Club 2019 will be shorter than expected: waiting for the official kick-off on the 30th of November in Turin,  the festival has just announced the AVANT — PREMIÈRE - LIGHT IN THE DARK: SEASON 2  revealing its first collaboration with Stone Island.
For the Italian brand this is the official debut in clubbling scene, despite Stone Island was one of the most loved brands by clubber culture, grime and underground in London and throughout Europe.
The Milan's preview night will take place on October 24th in Via Mecenate 84/10 with a line up that will give the public a vibrant kaleidoscope of Avant-Pop sounds with Deena Abdelwahed, Gang of Ducks, Giant Swan and Slickback. To participate you need to register at this link.

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Since 2007 Club To Club has been exploring and moving between Turin and Milan, imagining the two cities as a single macrocity. Turin is the hub to which the festival is intrinsically linked, where it was born and developed by producing culture on the territory in an international dimension. Milan, the only major European city in Italy, as well as a showcase and a place of comparison for the Festival. The two cities, 126 KM distant, are united by an elective affinity and complementarity in ways of being and thinking, they will be protagonists on the stages of C2C19 with the most surprising and representative crews of artists and labels of the two cities.