The official video of SAD! has been released of XXXTentacion, directed by JMP.

In the images the recently deceased rapper has resumed while participating in his funeral, dialoguing with a mysterious hooded figure who personifies Death and fights.

All while continuing to ask a series of questions such as "Why do you love?" or "What is your blood type?".

The song, after the artist's death, has sprung to the number one position in the United States, posthumous record until then obtained only by Notorious B.I.G. in 1997 with "Mom Money Mo Problems".

XXXTentacion was killed earlier this month outside a motorcycle store in Deerfield Beach. One suspect, 22-year-old Dedrick D. Williams, has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder, but it seems that the authorities believe that at least two other men are involved. Just last Wednesday, the sheriff's office appointed twenty-two-year-old Robert Allen as a shooter.

As the investigation continues, what remains is the music. But we all ask ourselves: was this video filmed before or after his death? A veil of restlessness dominates on the artist, between mysteries and numerous questions.

Enjoy the video of SAD!.