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Interview with Ernia

Waiting for his live performance at Nameless Music Festival this weekend

Interview with Ernia  Waiting for his live performance at Nameless Music Festival this weekend

Open, straightforward and candid.

Ernia, one of the most influential rappers in the Italian contemporary scene, is always ready to speak, not afraid to let himself go, never afraid of falling. His lyrics are honest and sincere, sometimes even rough, just as the street Ernia comes from. He's a young boy attached to his roots with a bright future in front of him (I know where I come from and I know where I'm going - Pelle del Puma), working non-stop on music and collaborations, changing music history. This weekend he's performing at Nameless so we decided to ask him some questions... 

#1 This is your first time at Nameless, have you ever been here as a spectator? What do you think of these music initiatives bringing on the same stage Italian artists, in this case from the hip-hop/trap world? All friends or tensions behind the scenes? 

It's my first time here and I'm very curious! The festival is a great opportunity for Italian music and for artists like me, it's important that we join forces! During these events we have the chance to talk to each other, confront and maybe find ideas for future collaborations. 

#2 What has meant for you starting a new career on your own? 

It was definitely a risk! When I first started working in the Italian hip-hop scene it wasn't simple: my music group and I received many criticisms. But now I'm happy I began this new experience, also because my friends have always been there for me. Come uccidere un usignolo/67 was a best selling record so that was proof I'm doing the right thing. 

#3 Where does the name Ernia (hernia) come from? 

A school friend gave me this name: I used to call her "hernia" because she had umbilical hernia. Then she started calling me Ernia and everyone else did too, and it hasn't changed ever since...

#4 If you could go back to your early days in the industry, would you change anything? 

No, I think that everything that has happened to me was meant to happen. I believe in fate and I think life is a circle and everything comes back. 

#5 With which Italian artist would you like to collaborate? 

Actually I don't have a perfect featuring I want to work on. I'm very happy with the ones I've already done, like the track with Guè Pequeno, who is a master in Italian rap.