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15 IG stories from Liberato live in Naples

Guarda tutti i video del live di Liberato a Napoli

15 IG stories from Liberato live in Naples Guarda tutti i video del live di Liberato a Napoli

The lungomare at sunset.
9th May.
Liberato's live performance

Last night Naples stopped for forty minutes. The time needed to sing and dance the songs of his faceless son who, from last year, celebrates the city with electronic beats and rhymes that mix dialect and English terms. It is 6 pm and the seafront of Chiaia - better known as the Lungomare "liberato" - the fans await its arrival. There are more than 25 thousand people who breathe the air of salt, the tension grows and the atmosphere is heated by the electronic vibrations of the Neapolitan duo Nu Guinea that anticipates the concert.

Immediately after sunset Liberato surprises arriving from the sea by a rubber boat. Some fans posted on the breakwater welcome him with blue smoke, opening the way to the Liberato that we have now come to know and love, armed with hood and bandana and a pair of Converse One Star customized. Coming down from the boat, he gets confused among some of his perfect stunts, the same look, the same walk. Together they disappear behind the stage and then reappear, between the play of lights and the chaos of the crowd, as had happened in his last performance on the Turin stage of the C2C.

From a tab of a YouTube video to the stage on the waterfront of Naples, Liberato materialized on the stage on the notes of Live is Life, a single from 1984 made known by the video of the warming of Maradona on April 19, 1989, at the Olympiastadion in Munich. Liberato has arrived, greets the audience and obviously opens the concert with 9 MAGGIO.

His fans follow every rime and tirelessly intone the two twin songs INTOSTREET and TE VOGLIO BENE ASSAJE, and then unleashed on the dancing beat of Gaiola Portafortuna. It certainly could not miss a tribute to the tradition of Neapolitan song: Liberato mentions Pino Daniele's Quando chiove . The house rhythm of Me staje appennenn’ amò then takes over and Liberato closes - after about forty minutes - with Tu t'è scurdat di me.

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