On the highway ten direction Palm Springs, California, during the second and the third weekends of April, thousands of Americans will drive from everywhere in the States to join Coachella, probably the best festival on earth.

If you want to live the real Coachella vibe and join all the hip and cool people wearing a mix between original native Apache dresses, H&M T-shirt and the most wired mirrored glasses, you have to be ready to pay five hundred dollars for the ticket.

But if you want to be closer to your favorite stars the price is a little bit more higher, thousand dollars for the VIP pass, accommodation excluded, and the five stars resorts around Palm Springs, obviously, are not cheap.

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On the other hand the lineup of the Californian festival is insane and only reading the biggest names on the flyer will create the goosebumps on most of the teens on Earth.

The Weeknd, Beyoncé and Eminem are only few of the hundreds artists that this year will fire up all the visitors that were able to buy the tickets.

Prepare the bag with hat, water and sunblock, book a fly to Los Angeles to assist to probably the best festival on earth.