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Interview with Pretty Solero

Member and founder of Lovegang, a debut album and a unbridled desire to live of music, friends and feeling

Interview with Pretty Solero Member and founder of Lovegang, a debut album and a unbridled desire to live of music, friends and feeling

In a historical moment in which rap is one of the strongest, most effective and impacting channels of communication used by young people, it is right to analyze it, study it, to find out what it has of 'magic', what's behind it, but above all who.

We had the opportunity to talk with Pretty Solero, Roman from Rome, but raised among friends, 'marachelle' and the romantic streets of Monteverde, rap-rising star and founder of the collective Lovegang. He told us about his debut album, about the family and the future.

Discover with us Pretty Solero.

#1 Hi Pretty Solero, who are you, where do you come from and what should we know about you?

I am a Roman boy and I was born in 1995, I grew up between Monteverde, and Trastevere, where with other guys, between a prank and another, I started making music. I am a member and also the founder of the Lovegang collective.


#2 Soon your debut album will be released, but the new single "Non è un gioco" has particularly caught our attention, written in collaboration with Ketama126 and Franco126. What is it talking about and, above all, who is it for?

Me, Ketama and Franco are very fond of "Non è un gioco". It represents us particularly. I do not know how to explain it, but the atmosphere that is created when I put it into play is the same that enveloped me when, as kids, we met on the steps of Viale Glorioso and we combined the first mess. We are authentic and we tell our life through images, nothing more, nothing less.

#3 In this song you talk about the difference between the appearance and "what you really are", of coldness, but also of love from the moment when there is a girl (... there is always a girl). Can you consider all this a sort of personal biography in verses of Pretty Solero?

In every song I put a part of my life: joys, disappointments, victories and defeats. For me music is a diary, before to the public I direct to myself, I feel the need. Sometimes I can express myself only by writing. Music, besides being a job, is my passion, I live for this.


#4 In a historical moment in which there are many young rappers, what do you feel you have different than others? What characterizes you?

For me music is not a competition. I do not feel the need to distinguish myself from something or someone, I feel unique. I live in love and music, without being interested in others, I am focused on myself, my family and friends. Without them I would be nothing.


#5 Talking about social: what's the best comment of a fan and the funniest of an "hater"?

I receive many positive and negative comments, every day, but I will tell you the truth, I learned not to read them. Social media is a mess, they annoy me but they are part of the game. So I do not give it importance.


#6 As a "young rising star" in the rap world, this question is necessary: what do you want in your future?

What interests me, at the end of the games, is not being rich, or famous. I want to make music. Being able to live well thanks to it, of course, but above all having respect for those who make music and live it, excite my audience. In the end this is Lovegang: heart, blood and feeling.


Pretty Solero awaits you during the Ketama126's live at the Ohibò in Milan on March 31st and in Rome at Largo Venue on April 7th.