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Liberato - What you should know about his latest video


Liberato - What you should know about his latest video  ME STAJE APPENNENN' AMÒ

An external narrator guides the viewer through that visual narrative that is the last, highly anticipated video of LiberatoME STAJE APPENNENN' AMÒ, whose song was presented by surprise during his first live performance at Club To Club in Turin a few months does.

If the song is a ballad with an unmistakable Neapolitan taste full of dance and syncopated beats, the fourth video distances itself from this rhythmic reality and instead puts on a different story, a coming of age reverso whose plot takes place on different timelines that alternate and almost overlap.

The leitmotif of the entire video is Liberato himself, framed by his shoulders, while he crosses his Naples, which with his presence, for a few frames, shows us the time jump. The time of this video is dilated to the extreme, it begins in a future of soft colors, with a deep inner monologue that opens the doors to memories of a carefree youth in VHS, opens the doors to a time of explorations and discoveries, a time when the narrator begins to discover herself.

ME STAJE APPENNENN' AMÒ then brings us back to our present, at the San Paolo stadium in Naples where a group of young people takes us in the Neapolitan nightlife, made of motorbike trips and youthful youth, mitigated by that sense of union and community taken so delicately in the circle of smoke and punches in the sky, a symbol of unity and strength that also recalls the silent closure of Liberato in Turin.

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Liberato appears again and leads us to Piazza del Plebiscito and another storyline, that of the narrator, whose present is her past, for a closure that is a celebration of that uniqueness and of those different realities that coexist at Naples and in each of us.

A video that begins referring to a painting by Edward Hopper and ends as a hymn to lightness and carefree beauty of life.

What does the latest video of Liberato mean?

The answer is on you.