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Afterhomework Paris

 Interview with Pierre Kaczmarek

Afterhomework Paris  Interview with Pierre Kaczmarek
Pierre Kaczmarek & Elena Mottola at Afterhomework Paris SS17 show

During the latest Parisian fashion week, a young brand, Afterhomework Paris, has stood out for its experimental and innovative design, inspired by the work of French artist Pierre Soulages.

Our curiosity has increased when we found out the brand's founder is only 17, and his stylist just 18. In an era dominated by big fashion Houses supported by as many luxury groups, Pierre Kaczmarek has managed to get noticed in a week overflowing with events, with a brand whose name suggests that in fact, as he told us in this interview, Afterhomework Paris is nothing but his activity after (high) school, and after homework, of course.

Pierre Kaczmarek & Elena Mottola at Afterhomework Paris SS17 show


You’ve started your brand at the age of 15. What has changed in your life over the past two years?

Now I have more experience and more inspiration. I learned a lot with my brand, both from a technical and a business point of view.

I guess you’re still at high school. What are you studying? Where did you learn how to create a dress?

I study literature at high school. I learned what I know about clothes on the Internet and with my older friends who were already working in fashion.

If you could intern for a French brand, what would it be and why?

Hermès, it is the most beautiful brand in the world. It’d be really ideal. But I want to keep my brand for now, I still have many things to do with it.

What (and who) are your main inspirations?

Normal people. In particular those I see the most: my friends. My city is a big inspiration too.

Where do you usually hang out in Paris? Is there another city you would like to live in?

When I go out, I like to hang out with my friends on the street by night, or go to a coffee and sit on the terrace, doing nothing, watching people. Paris is my favourite city and so it will remain. I love France so it would be difficult to leave.

The fashion system is very crowded nowadays. What makes your brand different from the others?

My history and my vision, because I’m not only in the fashion world so I have a different point of view about things.

Many brands are gradually opting for coed shows, and your brand is extremely androgynous. Are you planning your next show during the men’s or women’s fashion week?

I don’t pay attention to the notion of genre. For me, like for most of my generation, the mix is normal, so I will continue presenting my collections during Women’s fashion week, because it’s the best for me in terms of timing considering my studies, and it gives me more visibility.

You're working alongside your girlfriend, Elena. What's her role in the project?

She helps me shaping the collection, she advises me and did most of the styling for the show.


See Afterhomework Paris FW16 lookbook below: