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Y/Project cancels Paris show

The note published by the brand cites 'uncertain times' as the cause

Y/Project cancels Paris show   The note published by the brand cites 'uncertain times' as the cause

The Parisian brand Y/Project announced in the last few hours that it will not hold the show scheduled for March 3rd during Paris Fashion Week. The note published by the fashion house refers to the «uncertain times» they are experiencing as one of the reasons that prompted them to change the presentation format, redirecting the company's investments. The communication states that the new FW24 collection will be shared with fans and industry insiders through a lookbook. Just a few days before the event, Y/Project's abrupt change of direction demonstrates the commitment of the brand's executives to turn the company's fortunes around, which is currently facing the same challenges as other medium-small size brands.

By implementing a redistribution of resources, the strategic plan could succeed in promoting the brand's turnover, although what it primarily needs to revive it is an increase in luxury spending among consumers. While CEO Pascal Conte-Jodra has already shared plans to expand the accessories line and the support from new investors, the company is also grappling with the latest developments in online resale channels like Farfetch. A cult brand that has been under the artistic direction of Glenn Martens since 2013, who also serves another major brand, Diesel. While the latter has just presented at Milan Fashion Week, and it's natural to draw comparisons, it's worth noting that Y/Project embodies the characteristics of a luxury and niche brand, while Diesel, especially in recent years under Martens' direction,has made democratic and accessible the key to its appeal, while managing to maintain its appeal in the luxury world. In the comment left to WWD, no further explanations were given regarding the decision to cancel the Paris Fashion Week show, except: «This decision underscores the brand's commitment to navigating uncertain times with clarity and determination