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#TimberlandCollective – Focus on the 9 Creators

Get to know #TimberlandCollective's protagonists

#TimberlandCollective – Focus on the 9 Creators Get to know #TimberlandCollective's protagonists

Timberland and nss factory joined forces and came up with a very special project to celebrate the launch of the brand new Timberland SensorFlex.

As we previously hinted, we recruited nine exciting international creators, selected amongst creatives, fashion insiders and artists, and we asked them to reinterpret the new Timberland SensorFlex according to their own style and taste.

Street style photographer Nabile Quenum, digital and marketing manager Marianne Theodorsen, brilliant artist Filfury, model Ruben Fernandez, influencers Giotto CalendoliMarvin Sheckler ed Elena Vasilieva, fashion photographer Mike Queyen, and our creative agency, nss factory: together we are #TimberlandCollective. 

Through photos, tips and must-go addresses, we aim to show you Timberland SensorFlex's uniqueness and to bring you on a virtual tour around eight different and dynamic cities. We're here to unveil #TimberlandCollective's world for you.

We asked the nine creators:

What do you like the most about the new Timberland boot? Did you notice its incredible comfort given by the new Sensor Flex technology?

Here's what they told us:

 Artworks by Alessandro Bigi