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Nike launches the new Kobe 11

Tonight on Periscope

Nike launches the new Kobe 11 Tonight on Periscope


Throughout my time with Nike, I’ve obsessed the details of my shoes. For the KOBE 11, we worked to perfect Flyknit for basketball” said 17-time All-Star Kobe Bryant.

Beginning in 2004 with the Nike Huarache 2K4, Bryant’s signature line – a partnership between the legendary athlete and Nike designer Eric Avar – has repeatedly introduced technical breakthroughs to basketball, including Flywire and Flyknit. At the same time, it has consistently championed a less-is-more philosophy. The union of these values has produced the new KOBE 11, Bryant’s final on-court shoe which gathers high performance, lightweight, responsive and sophisticated design.

Over 11 silhouettes, Bryant and Avar have set a high bar for personal narratives embedded in signature lines. The launch colorway of the KOBE 11, Achilles Heel, is no different. The deep red and black shoe features subtle nods to the Greek hero Achilles, and Bryant’s own career arch. 

The model will be presented tonight on @nikebasketball account on Periscope and will be available from January 9, 2016.